Life Path 7


This article is part of a series about the Life Path number in numerology, which represents the essence of who you are, and your purpose. To calculate yours, just add up the numbers in your birthday and reduce (please read this article for clarification).

If you are a Life Path 7, you walk a lone road. This is the number of mysticism, often associated with Neptune, the planet of illusion. Neptune is also the great dissolver, and its touch transcends us into the higher dimensions where any sense of self is lost to the collective consciousness. The tarot card associated with a 7 is the Hermit. While these two ideas may seem juxtaposed, when you think about it, they make perfect sense; in order to dip into the spiritual realm and connect with collective intelligence and divine inspiration, we must escape reality through seclusion.


This is not the only dichotomy that you will experience as a 7. You have two opposing thirsts: a need for spiritual growth, and a need for data. The first is driven based on a desire to have your questions answered. The second….is also based on a desire to have your questions answered. You have a lot of questions! You spend much of your life learning, and at times may find yourself either too zoomed in on an issue, or too zoomed out.

What I mean by that is, if you hyper-focus on collecting data and as much scientific knowledge as you can to feed the brain (your ego), you will lose perspective on the issue. Likewise, if you let go of all the details of an issue and do spiritual bypass (a form of escapism), you’re just avoiding the real world entirely. In either of these cases, you are operating from fear based beliefs and the sooner you can recognize your own self-destructive behavior, the quicker you can get back on your path. 7’s often have trust issues and need to work on their openness.

These polarities are challenging, and the constant goal is the balance point. This is not an easy feat, nor an easy life path. You are a natural outcast, much like life path 1’s and 9’s. But in order to find answers, you often must be alone. Many 7’s don’t in fact start out loners, they become loners. They actually seek out isolation and a different road than the one of their parents and/or peers, and purposefully go against the grain. This isn’t always rebel-without-a-cause energy, although it can be in its negative expression. But 7’s instinctively know that they must separate in order to pursue their spiritual growth, and to do their research.

Because your previous incarnation was (in theory) a life path 6, packed full of responsibility and obligation to family, you feel a sense of worn-outness early on in life. I know many 7s that are sooooo over their family, and the requirements of their station, early on in life. They roll their eyes at the obligatory holiday photo sessions, they rail against the status quo and all the expectations on them. They end up moving across the country at 18. They just can’t take it anymore, the hypocrisy of it all. 7s can come across as jaded, but also petty…unappreciative, but more real than anyone around. Direct, but mysterious. Honest, but kind of mean. They are a walking contradiction!

As you move down your path throughout the course of your life, you are headed towards the next incarnation, a Life Path 8 which is deeply rooted in the material plane and here to master the art of manifestation and the delicacies of power. You, on the other hand, could often care less about the material plane and are the most likely life path number to neglect your physical body. That’s a problem, because your 3D body is the vessel that you need to play this game we call reality. You may often neglect other material things such as your finances…again, a problem because you are here in the matrix whether you like it or not. You chose to play this game. You need to take care of basic needs because those are the rules of the game, and I know you like to push against rules. But the more you neglect your material needs, unfortunately, the less energy you will have to focus on those “what does it all mean” questions and you will become more and more imbalanced.

On the flip side (are you sensing a pattern?) 7’s can hyper-focus on nutrition, fitness, supplements, anything and EVERYTHING health and body related. This is well and good but when it turns into obsession, or a very clinical approach that ignores the spirit’s part in health, things can go south. We’re talking about psychosomatic symptoms, compulsive disorders, obsession over illness, etc. Again, balance is key and for this life path, meditation is not even an option, it’s a must!

If you are a 7, you are highly intuitive, often psychic, have a cool intellect, and can tap into the collective consciousness and your own unparalleled intelligence at any time. You can also damage yourself with drugs and alcohol, become dependent on others, literally become a hermit and live off the grid, wind up destroying your own life in an effort to go against the grain (and other people’s lives, too!), and a myriad of other sad ways to waste this beautiful gift. The choice is yours!

Progressed Moon in Capricorn or the 10th House

goat-2153622This post is part of a series on lunar progressions. You can read this post for more about progressions in general 🙂

The progressed moon represents evolving needs, emotions, and relationships. It takes about two and a half years to go through each sign, and the lessons you learn during this progression alter you forever.

When you switch from PR moon in Sagittarius to Capricorn, your life gets very serious. They were definitely not that serious in Sagittarius, and unless Sag rules your 10th house of career, play and recreation were the priority. That will end, and possibly abruptly when PR moon enters Capricorn! Something may be a catalyst to this, such as a life crisis that causes you to question what you are doing, and in what ways you lack self-discipline, ambition, and structure.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of restriction. This is Kronos, in Greek mythology, the ruler of time. Unlike the moon which rules Cancer, Capricorn’s opposing sign, this time is not cyclical. This is man-made time, the calendar, the clock. You are reminded during this lunar progression in what ways you are a subject of time, and of this world. This is an earth sign and it will ground you, sometimes painfully in the beginning of the progression. You are brought back down from the heights that Sagittarius brought you to, but this isn’t meant to be a punishment or inflict pain. It is meant to tone and strengthen you so that you can materialize with ease, through the rigors of self-discipline. How else will you make your dreams happen in the 3d world?

Like everything else, it is all in the way you perceive this phase that matters. And matter will be your concern – that which our world is made of, and how you can wield your power to gain the greatest amount of success and recognition you can. This is especially true if your PR moon is moving through your 10th house, the house of career and worldly ambitions! You may also find that you are attracted to relationships (friendships and romantic) with older people/mentors/bosses, OR you can go the opposite route and become the older, “parental” figure to younger/childlike people. It’s often an either/or situation (or both) with Capricorn, but there is something about teacher/student or father/child with these dynamics.

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign which represents the beginning of winter, so it is an initiator. You will initiate during this lunar progression, and it will be anything having to do with career, work, new ambitions, material success, and money matters. You may access the inner CEO in yourself and find leadership skills you never knew were there. Emotions themselves will not be on public display during this progression. It is not the most comfortable place for moon to be, given that it’s the opposite sign from her natural home (Cancer). Emotions are under extreme self-control and discipline and will only be released as is situationally appropriate, typically.

Capricorn is the mountain goat, and like a goat you will become both resourceful and ambitious. The pluses of this progression are that you will learn to spin gold from straw, making riches from virtually nothing and using all of your resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. You can become a true strategist. The pitfalls of Capricorn are materialism, and becoming overly concerned with status at the cost of actual enrichment and happiness. Capricorn can also be emotionally withdrawn and use work as an escape from tending to emotional issues, including home and family related things.

Again, these are just things to watch out for, and it truly is about your vibration while you are learning lessons. Like everything else, even a Capricorn/10th house lunar progression can be a fun ride or a miserable job. Saturn tends towards the depressing because it represents the epitome of negative energy – limitations, restriction, isolation, separation – yet without the darkness you cannot see the light. A photograph would be a blank white page without contrast. This lunar progression can teach you the joys of work, focus, dedication, and earning/making your own way. It can teach you the true liberation that comes from being self-disciplined, trained, and masterful in your area of choice.

One final word, Saturn has the “Benjamin Button” effect (is that an old reference?) in that it starts off old and grows young with work and time. So your Cappy lunar progression may start off depressing and feel sluggish, as if you have all this work ahead of you and it makes you feel tired and a bit isolated from everyone else that seems to be playing. But as you work it and see results over time, by the end of the progression you will feel much lighter and freer, and start to let your hair down so to speak.

This progression is challenging for most, but easiest for those with natal moon in another earth sign (Taurus, Virgo). It will be the most challenging for those with natal moon in another Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, and especially Cancer), or heavy personal planets. For example, I have four planets in Aries and three in Libra, and my progressed moon is just about to enter Capricorn…should be LOADS OF FUN!!! 😛

Solar Return 2019


Well, I spoke too soon… after posting the last time about feeling like I should quit astrology, three clients booked readings and reignited my interest ❤ I do love helping people see what their unique light is, and I can see that pretty clearly in a natal chart!

It’s my birthday today! I just noticed one of the last posts I did was my previous birthday. I guess I didn’t feel like writing much this past year… I’d love to do more of that on this blog though, because I did enjoy it a lot at one time. I am open to any requests!

Since my last birthday I’ve been taking coaching workshops and learning about feminine vs masculine energy, as well as this realm called the 5th dimension. I started meditating each morning and doing affirmations as well. This dimension is what Einstein discovered, beyond time (the 4th dimension) and space, where all possibilities exist right now. This is pretty out there stuff (just my style!) and it has taken me away from astrology at times, because astrology and numerology are based on cycles and the 5D is beyond all time-based concepts. But I realized recently just because I no longer use it on myself doesn’t mean it can’t help others, and there is still merit to cycles. We are living in a human world, after all!

I feel like I am going through a profound change and don’t yet know what it is. I used to handle this feeling by turning to astrology, and now I don’t feel like I can do that for myself anymore. I have nothing left but my intuition…the brain can’t help. However, here is my solar return for this year below in Whole Signs, for your viewing pleasure should you feel curious:


❤ Abby

Questioning Astrology

This photo has literally nothing to do with my post, I just thought it looked cool (lol). A few months ago, I lost interest in astrology almost completely. I’ve been doing a lot of energy work this year, practicing daily techniques that put me more in my body and less in my brain. I feel like that probably has a lot to do with my interest disappearing.

I think astrology is for me, in large part, a brain function. I think I was using it to categorize and explain, to identify a pattern which is the brain’s way of attempting to predict and try to keep us safe from danger. But that is not thriving in my opinion, that is just survival.

I think I used astrology since childhood as a way of making sense of things and feeling safe. There is security in a system, which I needed…I felt scared a lot, life felt chaotic and many of the adults around me felt dangerous.. I didn’t have much to hold on to, and astrology filled that void. I remember looking at my own natal chart in Placidus as a kid, they used wide orbs so I had a grand Fire trine right in the middle, a perfect isosceles triangle and it just made me feel so special and worthy for whatever reason.

I really just don’t want to keep people in this disempowered state anymore by perpetuating a system that works on cycles. At first, it is empowering to realize you can start something new with great success during a new moon phase, right? Then you do it a few times and see results and you feel really powerful. But then you may start to believe you can ONLY initiate during that phase. It can become a game with rules you must follow, much like the one I believe we live in called shared reality.

I don’t feel I can be a part of that anymore. Perhaps I will change my mind when transiting Saturn and Pluto stop squaring my sun though, I dunno 😛

Solar Return 2018


Yesterday was my birthday, and I went to a salt cave. It was a numerology personal 9 day so I was feeling the release, but got a little moody and emotional by the end.

I also thought this is a great time to do a post on the solar return. This is the time of year when your sun returns to the exact degree (right down to the minute and second of the degree) that it was when you were born. It is usually on your birthday, or a day before or after.

It’s easy to calculate if you use, because their extended chart selection has a solar return option. Here is mine for this year:


It is interpreted much like a natal chart, but only good for one year. I usually refer to Mary Fortier Shea’s Solar Return book when trying to figure out what areas a person is going to focus on during their upcoming year….it’s a phenomenal guide, and very detailed. The sun is the most important part, specifically what house it falls in and the aspects it makes to other planets.

The sun will be in the same degree as your natal chart, but everything else is generally different. Your rising for the year depicts how you will interact with people, the SR moon represents your general emotional climate for the year, Mercury represents how you will give/receive information…same as a natal interpretation. You can look at the chart as is, but it also reveals more depth when you compare it to your natal chart:


You can see aspects between the charts when you use the “synastry” option under extended chart selection. You can also look at how the houses line up with one another: all those Capricorn 12th house planets line up with my natal 11th house. Issues regarding friends, groups, hopes and wishes are going to be significant this year, but I may not be able to access them on a conscious level because they fall in the SR H12…that’s one interpretation of how that will play out.

There is another method I have read about using for the Solar Return chart calculate, called a “precessed” chart. This is when you find the time of the SR in sidereal (used in vedic astrology) then use that time to make a chart in tropical. I have read that some astrologers have more success with this method, so I usually look at both. Here is my precessed 2018 SR chart:


Equally interesting, because the AC/DC line is exactly opposite my natal, same degree. This also makes the coming year more significant because there is a planet and asteroid conjunct one of the angles (those are always the most significant years)…moon and Juno. When I have looked back at my solar returns, the precessed chart does tend to be a more accurate depiction of what occurred that year.

The SR is not great for timing but more where you focus your energy on that year, and the internal changes you experience. Since the sun is your identity and life purpose, this is a chart primarily about how you are evolving in those areas. You can do return charts for other planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and the dreaded Saturn return. (Again, interpretation is based around the planet you are focusing on.)

The worst SR I ever had included a grand cross. Major year! I ended up growing through a lot of contrast. Those years you have all trines and sextiles, you might not do much. Years you have a lot of water will be emotional, a lot of Cardinal will be self-starting years (maybe not a lot of follow-through), if you lack earth you may not be too practical that year, etc. I’m happy to see a nice little bucket formation in this year’s SR, and hopefully things go well…I’ll let you know next April!

Mercury Rx Insights


This Mercury retrograde in Aries has been giving me all sorts of insights to my own behavior, and life in general. It hasn’t been awful for me personally, although I have some friends going through hell during this retrograde. But the Libra full moon was quite dramatic…I got really sick with a stomach bug, and then new (noisy!) neighbors moved in, and I had a meltdown and berated everyone close to me for not offering to bring me anything because I live alone. Then I berated the neighbors for being noisy. Then I was done and had to apologize for the berating, then I got berated by someone for apologizing…it was an endless cycle.  But I feel better now!

As mentioned in my previous post, I switched to WSH system last year, and the spark that set it in motion was realizing that in whole signs, my own Aries planets are in the 2nd house, not the 1st. I got berated (yup) recently by air sign friend for being a subjective thinker, but the truth is, that’s how natal Mercury in Aries functions. I have oppositions to planets in Libra (including Saturn) so it’s not like I don’t consider things carefully; but my decisions tend to be at a gut level first and foremost, and after deliberation I usually circle back to my first instinct anyway. That’s how fire signs work. Also, it’s not my fault Aquariuses over intellectualize their emotions, just saying.

But the thing that struck me about having a 2nd house stellium was the Taurus-y feel. I am Taurus-y on many levels. I am actually very resistant to change, which wouldn’t be someone you’d see in my Placidus chart. But historically I have stayed in relationships, jobs, and residences past their expiration date because I fear the potentially worse situation that could develop if I were to try something different. The 2nd house is all about self-preservation, security, stability, sensuality, material things, self-worth issues….that is all my jam. I typically try not to rock the boat, until a certain point when I crave transformation and burn everything to the ground myself. You can see it natally in the hourglass opposition between my Aries/H2 and Libra/H8 planets, especially Sun-Pluto (my chart is posted on the About page).

Since becoming more cognizant of my own tendencies, I have made an effort to open up and trust the universe, and embrace changes. It is my personal 1 year in numerology so everything I do now is setting me up for the next decade (no pressure!) and I don’t want to be stuck in the same job industry/role, relationship patterns, or even the place I live for the next 9-year cycle. I really don’t. But part of embracing change is getting used to discomfort, I have discovered. If you’re comfortable, you’re not changing. If you’re not changing, your dying. There’s no utopian future where everything lines up and works perfectly…it doesn’t exist on this plane. That’s called death.

Whole Sign House System

I made a significant change to my astrology practice a couple months ago: I switched to whole signs. Prior to that, I was using Polich-Page (which is more or less identical to Placidus, the most popular Western astrology house system and typically the default on any website that generates charts). However, I read some compelling arguments that convinced me to make the switch.

It started with this article by Michelle at AstroFix, who attended a lecture by Demetra George about the topic. To be honest, Michelle’s article alone was enough. Reading this was an epiphany… it changed my whole perspective!

Also, this article by Marina at Darkstar which goes into more depth about the history of whole signs and how it fell to the wayside, and a PDF by Chris Brennan listing 12 reasons why WSH is best. I’m not going to try and explain it myself, because they have done an excellent and thorough job already.

Whole signs offers what I have been looking for: simplification. WHS does not take the Ascendant and put it on the cusp of the 1st house, nor does it put the Midheaven on the cusp of the 10th (gasp!). Instead, the sign of the Ascendant is the 1st house, and the zodiac lines up from there. No splitting signs between houses, no intercepted planets. The angles are no longer house cusps, but sensitive points.

To illustrate the difference, here is my chart first in Placidus, and then in whole signs:



You can see in Placidus I have multiple intercepted signs and planets, but all of that is removed in WSH. Signs line up with houses perfectly. This speaks to me because I already practice the concept that sign boundaries are hard lines (Mars at 29º Cancer and Venus at 0º Leo are not conjunct, as an example). To be frank, it spoke to me on a personal level first, because in WSH my Aries and Libra planets moved to H2/H8 respectively, and it was like I saw myself for the first time. Everything in my life made sense in an instant!

It’s nice to still be able to have those aha! moments, even after a lifetime of practicing astrology. Although I haven’t done any readings since the switch, I will be using this house system for all readings going forward, and I feel like it will really take things to the next level.