Taking Care of your Basic Human Needs

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As some of you already know I’ve been following certain channelers for years (like Abraham Hicks) and learned about the basic human needs, and it has really helped simplify my life and give focus to what I actively appreciate every day.

They are, in the order of which lack of them will kill you quickest: air, water, sleep, food, shelter, connection, expression.

We die in minutes without air, and a few days without water. We will (apparently) go insane and die in like 11 days without sleep, and about 14 days without food. We need rudimentary shelter from the elements. We need connection with something outside of ourselves (to reflect back to ourselves), it doesn’t have to be humans, it can be animals or trees or even a rock. We need some way of expressing our true selves, aka soul frequency. It doesn’t have to be a specific avenue, just something we love, because love is the expression of our soul frequency. (In fact, if we focus on this last need, synchronicity will take care of the first 6 needs.)

I learned all these specifically from Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka. The reason I love this so much is because again, it simplifies everything. The first 5 needs take care of our 3D human, and facilitate alignment. When I neglect those physical needs I get moody and mental (4D goes haywire!) and drama ensues, all because I chose to eat poorly or didn’t get enough sleep. Personally, I also need a lot of physical activity and I’m not sure where it fits into the basic needs but everyone is different on that. I do get cranky without it!

People on the particular journey that I coach are mentally/emotionally addicted to one specific person, and so that person essentially becomes the focus of everything. In fact, my coaching is mostly just making people aware of their moods and thought patterns (especially triggers) and how they have nothing to do with anyone else! Lack of proper nutrition leads to mood swings and triggers, lack of sleep leads to mental obsession which attracts “signs” of that person (which don’t really mean anything other than they can’t stop thinking about them!)… in fact, all humans project their own crap onto other people/situations/things, my clients just attribute everything to a specific person.

The reality is, it’s all within us. We are creating every single emotion and thought. We have full control over all of it. We have just created this illusion of not having power! And we feed that illusion through dehydration, eating poorly, lack of sleep, etc. So an easy fix to a lot of problems is to stop creating that drama and take care of ourselves!

Rahu in Sagittarius, Ketu in Gemini

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Rahu in Sag wants to be a guru, teaching and preaching and sharing higher knowledge and philosophy with the masses. But not for free. Rahu desires material gains and Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Sag wants bigger, better, faster, more of anything and everything. So, although there is a massive drive to raise the consciousness of the masses, this is an egotistical drive to be seen and heard.

The best expression of this Rahu placement is taking the old and making it new, fresh, exciting, and accessible to the general public, and affordable which will then lead to material gains. The other great thing about Sag being a fire sign is optimism and hope. Rahu here can ignite alignment in the masses, but only when the individual stays aligned. In order to stay aligned we must look at Ketu.

Ketu is what we easily manifest but don’t want (and that’s why it comes so easily!), and Gemini is the sign of communication. This sign is the juggler, able to multitask communication like no other. On 10 different social media apps at once, and doing it effortlessly.

Because Ketu = detachment, when this placement has natural ideas it doesn’t feel the need to share them. There is a sense of jadedness about the natural Gemini talents for this individual, and they don’t follow through with communicating ideas and information. Remember that Gemini is general/useful information, opposed to the esoteric ideologies of Sagittarius (“What does it all mean? What are we here for?”). So this Ketu placement will have the ability and information needed to help people in the little things in their daily life and immediate environment, but not want to!

The key to balancing this axis is to accept Ketu in Gemini and share the knowledge and information that comes naturally. Also, this individual will likely be very good with their hands so natural talents can include playing musical instruments, writing, crafts and hobbies performed with the hands, sign language, etc. All of these talents can help people on an individual level with their daily lives, even though Rahu in Sag is calling you to help uplift the masses through larger philosophical concepts.

Learn to communicate and share on the small, immediate, basic level. Get out of your ego and be of service. This will make people trust and accept you and see you as an enlightening individual, because you are literally lightening their daily burdens. This will lead to the larger platform and reach you crave, because it will no longer be sought for egotistical reasons.


Image by John Hain from Pixabay

The “human” frequency we hold determines our outer experience, and we have complete control over it. We are eternal souls, drops of pure source perpetually holding a unique frequency. But our “human” selves waiver. That means our physical (3D) and astral (4D) bodies. These are temporary and therefore not truly us.

For clarification, our astral bodies are our energetic field, which we experience through thought and feeling, and it can move through time and space. Our physical bodies are the portion of the astral body that is “solidified” to participate in physical reality and operates within the confines of time and space.

Contrary to this, the soul exists in 5D and therefore can collapse time and space. The more we can detach from the human self and align with the soul, the more power we have over our experience. This does take practice, because we are not trained (especially in Western culture) to hold the frequency of pure consciousness/awareness. We are almost entirely aligned with ego (mind, 4D).

So how to align? Meditation and mindfulness trains us in alignment with 5D. The more time we dedicate to being present, the more power we have to collapse time. This is a good investment! Also practicing keeping the astral energy centered inside the physical body is a very effective practice, which is something I teach my students how to do. Finally, taking care of the physical body via hydration, nutrition, and exercise.

These things do not sound like they will help our financial situations or relationships or whatever the problem du jour is, but that is the irony. They bring us to a frequency as close to soul as possible. This solves every problem our human selves can have!

Why You Don’t Need the Person

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been lax on creating content, but I moved across the country again a couple of weeks ago, and have been getting situated. I also got a job at the mall my first week back and it’s been a minute since I worked retail! Tired, I’m so tired..

So I learned a life hack years ago sort of by accident, that has become such a powerful and liberating technique. Honestly, it was a life saver when I found myself completely alone, thousands of miles away from friends and family during quarantine!

So, I lived alone for most of my thirties because it just happened that way, and something that saved me from being too sad and isolated was imagining a conversation between myself and someone that I wanted to talk to but couldn’t. This started with me wanting to talk to my cousin who had died. I also wanted to ask Abraham Hicks questions but I couldn’t afford a workshop, lol. And my boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me a couple weeks after I moved into my condo, so I didn’t have him to talk to anymore either.

What I quickly found is that if you genuinely think of the person you want to ask or tell something, you don’t need them there. It takes practice, but if you really tap into their energy like as if they were sitting next to you and you wait for a response, you will just know what they would say.

This works really well if there are people you want to talk to who have died, or coaches you follow but can’t actually afford, or even people you miss but they don’t want to be in your life anymore. I don’t entirely know how it works, but I maybe you are just really talking to your higher self which knows everything anyway. Like, better than if you were talking to the actual person!

This technique has gotten me through so many confusing and lonely situations. It helps me move on when certain friends and family members just don’t want to be in my life anymore. I can just accept it and move on. Of course, there are always a few who come back with some drama, but it just doesn’t affect me anymore. It’s very liberating!

Consciousness Levels

Image by Maike und Björn Bröskamp from Pixabay

There are four levels of human consciousness:

  1. Less is Less: This is victimhood/unconsciousness. If you are experiencing a feeling below neutral you are here.
  2. More is More: If you are doing or thinking you are here.
  3. Less is More: If you are experiencing a feeling above neutral you are here.
  4. Less/More aren’t Real: If you are detached from thought and emotion (form) entirely, you are here.

I made up those names, but the concept is nothing new. All levels are available to us and as we level up our human frequency increases. We still dip down to lower levels but it is always a choice where we want to remain.

Most of humanity stays in level 1, although we are evolving collectively. Hallmarks of someone who is primarily in level 1 are blame and negativity/fear, as well as attachment to the past. This is disempowerment (negative ego) and limitation. We ALL go back to level 1 every time we experience contrast. The moment we do something to shift out of fear we move up to level 2.

Level 2 is moving matter with matter. It is logic and action (positive ego). Hallmarks of someone who is primarily in level 2 are rational thinking, practicality, list making, action oriented, goal oriented, critical, matter-of-fact, lack of emotional expression (positive or negative), self-reliance. The moment we shift from thought to feeling we move up to level 3.

Level 3 is alchemy of energy into matter (and vice-versa). It is emotional mastery and magnetism. Hallmarks of someone who is primarily in level 3 are feeling good, positive/future-oriented thoughts, attractiveness, imagination, abundance, ease of living, creativity, flexibility, faith/trust in a higher power, playfulness/lightness of being, and cultivating a support network. Closer to level 4, hallmarks include increased detachment, a mastery of demanifestation/minimalism, and less preference or specification of outcomes. The moment we let go of emotion and experience the present moment without judgment we move to level 4.

Level 4 is non-attachment to form. This is the highest level of awareness we can access as humans, and is accessed through the present moment. Hallmarks of someone who is primarily at level 4 are a deep inner sense of calm/peace/zen, non-judgement, lack of preferences, non-resistance, lack of focus on past/future (thought).

Remember, we can move up and down the levels in a few seconds. Time isn’t the issue. It’s practice of a frequency. Someone who is practiced at level 1 frequency just won’t be able to hold the frequency of level 4 for more than a few moments. We can maintain a certain level, or transition between two levels, for decades.

Most humans aim for level 3 without knowing it, because everything they desire is here (it’s the level of attraction so it attracts us!). As humans we naturally want the best of the physical world, not to detach from it (which is what level 4 looks like from lower levels). The irony is that level 4 is instant manifestation.

Really, there isn’t a lot of “incentive” for someone to rise into level 4 unless the lower levels become intolerable, like if they lost a close loved one, have a serious illness, a complete psychological breakdown, etc. They risk serious harm and death at level 1 (addiction, suicide, severe pain). They do not have the stamina to exert in level 2 for long. They have lost the desire needed to remain at level 3. Level 4 is the only one they can maintain without suffering.

Rahu in Scorpio, Ketu in Taurus

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Rahu in Scorpio can be a difficult placement, because Rahu desires material gain, and Scorpio is the opposite of material gain…it’s more about destruction! Also, both Rahu and Scorpio have a tenacious nature, so there’s double of that. The key is to know how to capitalize on this placement, and what its strengths truly are.

Ketu in Taurus doesn’t make the situation any easier, because Ketu is what we want to let go of and Taurus is the material stuff! So this placement actually manifests luxury and wealth rather effortlessly (we EASILY attract what we couldn’t care less about!) but it’s unsatisfying. In fact, these individuals have a desire to live a sort of minimalist/humble existence, reason being that in a past incarnation you HAD all the luxury and prosperity and it didn’t provide spiritual enlightenment. So now you are seeking ascension by letting go of the material on your quest for enlightenment.

Of course, this pisses Rahu off. Rahu is that which we chase in the material world. So what does Rahu chase in Scorpio? Secrets. LOL ohhh Scorpio…

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. This is energetic stuff, psychology, occult, anything on the 4D astral plane. Rahu becomes obsessed with the underpinnings of everything in Scorpio. It wants to excavate, do the CSI work with everything. It gets a little stalkery and creepy sometimes! Really honing in on one thing to the exclusion of everything else (including physical needs). The 4D is the emotional level so Scorpio’s feelings run deep. Scorpio is also the relationship with in-laws and there may be a desire to have a deep relationship with one’s in-laws here. This is the intimacy we grow with a spouse/business partner (not the partnership itself which is Libra, but what is cultivated long-term). So there will likely be an obsession with intimacy, both physical and emotional.

Remember what we obsess over is that which we do not believe we already have/are and therefore it’s like a carrot on a stick, we never obtain it. The key to balancing out this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept that material stuff and prosperity will naturally come to this Ketu, and it is not to be taken for granted and eschewed. Wealth and luxury do not make someone LESS spiritual. That will be a challenge for this person to comprehend because it is such a deep belief. Allowing personal wealth and abundance will allow Rahu to chill out a bit when it comes to the obsession over power and control through occult knowledge, secrets, psychological profiling, human lie detecting, in an effort to manipulate others.

This position is great for actual excavation work, CSI stuff, surgery, occult workers, energy workers. Anything that requires looking under the surface. That will also feed Rahu while putting up much needed boundaries via using talents professionally to serve others (do it ethically!!) rather than in your personal life.


Image by Selling of my photos with StockAgencies is not permitted from Pixabay

I sleep on a mat on the floor so my “bed” disappears during the day, and I love that. What a perfect symbol of how easy manifestation and demanifestation can be.

I own very little, as you know, and I often feel up in the air. I can travel very easily, uproot in about 30 minutes. I learned to release emotion pretty easily out of necessity. Sleeping on the ground and regularly going out in nature has been a life saver, to remind me I am here on earth and I am having a human experience.

I have been aware of law of attraction since around 2003, a long time, and much of it was spent practicing manifestation. Now I have discovered the joy of demanifestation, letting go. It is so satisfying, literally enlightening! The joy of having the ability to manifest and then not desiring to do so is another interesting side effect. To realize I am already the essence of whatever I desire. Then often manifesting it anyway, in surprisingly delightful ways. And letting it go when the time is right. What a fun and wild ride this is!

Soul Perspective

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Shifting from human to soul perspective is pretty much the answer, regardless of the question. By “human perspective” I mean ego, mind, thinking.

Soul perspective is just being, existing, experiencing the present moment. It’s awareness.

Spiritual bypass is when we try to take a shortcut down a side street to presence and wind up circling round a cul de sac called mind.

The body allows us to let go of all resistance by releasing emotion.

To get present we first have to let go of the mental gymnastics and the second we do that, the body starts to process the emotions behind all those gymnastics.

An emotion that comes up in the body during any detox process is just a necessary release of something we were holding on to.

There is something different called an emotional pattern, which is when the body gets addicted to a chemical feeling and basically demands the mind to deliver it over and over again … our ascension “work” is to see these patterns, and then let them go.

Soul = nothing. Soul is lack of everything else. So the less we have to distract us from who we actually are – not the mind, not our possessions, not our body – the more in alignment we become. We have no control or power in the mind or body.

WE are souls, little drops of source flowing in the ocean of source, and as souls we exist beyond the time space continuum which means we are everywhere and nowhere, we are nothing and everything.

All resources of the material plane are available to us here and now. We are endlessly powerful and the only thing that blocks this power and flow is our human minds created to keep us existing as ONE HUMAN and we are so much more than that.

Rahu in Libra, Ketu in Aries

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


Rahu in Libra is obsessed with relationships. Also peace and diplomacy, and we’ll get into that later. The primary desire of Libra is to be in (a perfect) union with another, and because Rahu is where we chase obsessively, this is someone who chases the ideal relationship depending on the house placement (3rd house is sibling relationships, 5th house is children, 7th house is marriage/business partners, etc.). Of course, continuously chasing something means we never have it, so these individuals never have “good enough” relationships even when they find the perfect partner.

Ketu in Aries means this person was a soldier in a past incarnation, and in this lifetime he or she is letting go of competition and aggression. If you have this placement, you are quite good at being direct, dealing with conflict, and winning, but you don’t WANT to (unless there are harsh aspects from Mars). You want to chill out! You prefer love, not war, and co-creation, not competition. But because this is your area of expertise, you naturally attract situations where you must lead, or use your considerable physical prowess to overcome odds. If you must, you must, and you are like a fish in water in these situations.

Rahu is the siren call for you, however. All you want is peace, diplomacy, beauty, art, and love. Relationships become an obsession as previously discussed, but the thing is, Libra is an idealist and often superficial because it is all about aesthetics. So you may wind up chasing the perfect, ideal partner, only to become disillusioned when that person turns out to be an actual human with flaws and other gross things Libra doesn’t want to look at. Then you’re off chasing someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a player, or get married 5 times, but you may simply judge the hell out of the very person you idolized once you actually get to know them as a human being. Not so nice now, are you?

The key to balancing this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept what Ketu brings and work with it, which will end up closing the gap between reality and your Rahu ideals. Ketu is our saving grace and our true route to heaven on earth, so to speak. Rahu is the illusion we use to escape reality, essentially.

So in the case of Libra/Aries, the key is to accept the Aries Ketu situations that keep coming up – the call to action, competition, assertion, leadership – and to do so gracefully rather than unwillingly. Don’t make a fuss, just deal with them because you are wonderful at immediate and embodied action with no deliberation. You are well practiced at following your instincts. The thing that prevents you from just DOING it is that you have this idealistic need for everyone to like and accept you (that’s the illusion of Rahu in Libra) which is not only not possible, but ironically everyone will only like you once you do what must be done!

Once you stop trying to wheedle your way out of the situations you don’t want to take action in, you will naturally create situations that are peaceful, co-creative, and harmonious! This is what you always wanted in the first place, what you chase. Peace, harmony, diplomacy. You can be a tactful and honest lawyer, a wonderful diplomat, an amazing mediator… if you accept that action and leadership must be taken on when required, and you must risk some people not “liking” you. Gotta break a few eggs to make a cake.

When it comes to relationships, your intense need for idealism is destroying things because you wind up becoming extremely codependent in your need for a perfect partner (or child, sibling, whatever the house placement indicates) to reflect back to you the perfect YOU. That’s quite a burden to place on anyone. No wonder no one is cutting it. You can’t make the mirror smile while you are frowning! They are also likely getting put off by your refusal to take action, lead, and be independent because that’s the Ketu you resist so strongly. Stand up and be your own person the way you know how, and the ideal relationships will follow!


I could really use some Venus tonight,
walking down Bell Rock Blvd these cars
tryna run me over. But all I see is Mars
staring at me, glaring low on the horizon.
Where are you, Orion? Pleiades?
What time of year is it anyways…
it’s not oven season, it’s not the rains so
I guess we’re in some in-between phase.
It all looks the same.
The cactuses bloom and rot, the
rocks stand still. I pad through
the night in the blackness staring up
at the milky way, startled hissing
in the bushes. I shrug and carry on.
Mars glares through the tall cypress (my friends)
…or whatever they’re called. I make up names.
I’ve no one to ask. I see the
humans are trying to kill Leroy, my 8-legged friend.
I don’t like it at all, watching the true ones go.
Mars simmers in the distance. I understand
you quite well. People want pretty and peace,
they want sweet and nice.
They don’t want what’s real.