Rahu in Libra, Ketu in Aries

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


Rahu in Libra is obsessed with relationships. Also peace and diplomacy, and we’ll get into that later. The primary desire of Libra is to be in (a perfect) union with another, and because Rahu is where we chase obsessively, this is someone who chases the ideal relationship depending on the house placement (3rd house is sibling relationships, 5th house is children, 7th house is marriage/business partners, etc.). Of course, continuously chasing something means we never have it, so these individuals never have “good enough” relationships even when they find the perfect partner.

Ketu in Aries means this person was a soldier in a past incarnation, and in this lifetime he or she is letting go of competition and aggression. If you have this placement, you are quite good at being direct, dealing with conflict, and winning, but you don’t WANT to (unless there are harsh aspects from Mars). You want to chill out! You prefer love, not war, and co-creation, not competition. But because this is your area of expertise, you naturally attract situations where you must lead, or use your considerable physical prowess to overcome odds. If you must, you must, and you are like a fish in water in these situations.

Rahu is the siren call for you, however. All you want is peace, diplomacy, beauty, art, and love. Relationships become an obsession as previously discussed, but the thing is, Libra is an idealist and often superficial because it is all about aesthetics. So you may wind up chasing the perfect, ideal partner, only to become disillusioned when that person turns out to be an actual human with flaws and other gross things Libra doesn’t want to look at. Then you’re off chasing someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a player, or get married 5 times, but you may simply judge the hell out of the very person you idolized once you actually get to know them as a human being. Not so nice now, are you?

The key to balancing this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept what Ketu brings and work with it, which will end up closing the gap between reality and your Rahu ideals. Ketu is our saving grace and our true route to heaven on earth, so to speak. Rahu is the illusion we use to escape reality, essentially.

So in the case of Libra/Aries, the key is to accept the Aries Ketu situations that keep coming up – the call to action, competition, assertion, leadership – and to do so gracefully rather than unwillingly. Don’t make a fuss, just deal with them because you are wonderful at immediate and embodied action with no deliberation. You are well practiced at following your instincts. The thing that prevents you from just DOING it is that you have this idealistic need for everyone to like and accept you (that’s the illusion of Rahu in Libra) which is not only not possible, but ironically everyone will only like you once you do what must be done!

Once you stop trying to wheedle your way out of the situations you don’t want to take action in, you will naturally create situations that are peaceful, co-creative, and harmonious! This is what you always wanted in the first place, what you chase. Peace, harmony, diplomacy. You can be a tactful and honest lawyer, a wonderful diplomat, an amazing mediator… if you accept that action and leadership must be taken on when required, and you must risk some people not “liking” you. Gotta break a few eggs to make a cake.

When it comes to relationships, your intense need for idealism is destroying things because you wind up becoming extremely codependent in your need for a perfect partner (or child, sibling, whatever the house placement indicates) to reflect back to you the perfect YOU. That’s quite a burden to place on anyone. No wonder no one is cutting it. You can’t make the mirror smile while you are frowning! They are also likely getting put off by your refusal to take action, lead, and be independent because that’s the Ketu you resist so strongly. Stand up and be your own person the way you know how, and the ideal relationships will follow!


I wrote this on one of my last nights in Sedona, after walking around the pitch black neighborhood and coming up on a wild animal in the bushes that hissed at me deeply because I scared IT and I barely reacted. I had this profound realization that I had become so accustomed to fear, it was a part of my daily life, and that scared me more than the animal!

“A Shitty Poem About Mars”

I could really use some Venus tonight,
walking down Bell Rock Blvd these cars
tryna run me over. But all I see is Mars
staring at me, glaring low on the horizon.
Where are you, Orion? Pleiades?
What time of year is it anyways…
it’s not oven season, it’s not the rains so
I guess we’re in some in-between phase.
It all looks the same.
The cactuses bloom and rot, the
rocks stand still. I pad through
the night in the blackness staring up
at the milky way, startled hissing
in the bushes. I shrug and carry on.
Mars glares through the tall cypress (my friends)
…or whatever they’re called. I make up names.
I’ve no one to ask. I see the
humans are trying to kill Leroy, my 8-legged friend.
I don’t like it at all, watching the true ones go.
Mars simmers in the distance. I understand
you quite well. People want pretty and peace,
they want sweet and nice.
They don’t want what’s real.

Twin Flames

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

This post is a bit redundant, but I didn’t see any other way to simply explain!

To continuously acknowledge the concept of “twin flames” is keeping yourself in “separation” (which is not a real thing), and more importantly, keeping yourself suffering. Let’s clarify what I mean!

When I say “twin flames” I am not talking about the trendy label to describe a regular relationship, although plenty of people use it as such and get matching tattoos, and yada yada.

I am talking about the rather horrifying experience of meeting yourself in another person (one soul, two human bodies). It is NOT lovey-dovey or romantic (except maybe in the first 6 weeks), it is harrowing. I have not met one person who has been through this and is not traumatized. If you are experiencing a nightmare you cannot wake from, and nobody gets it and you feel like you are going insane and nothing you try helps (therapy, coaching, dating, astrology, cord-cutting, voodoo….anything) then welcome to the actual twin flame experience! You are not alone, in fact there are thousands of people (millions? judging by the tarot audience online) having the experience with no way to describe it, manage it, or move on from it. In fact the idea of “moving on” may trigger you deeply! (Keep reading!)

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, many people who get through the initial despair commonly described as “dark night of the soul” or DNOTS in the twin flame community, get addicted to the twin flame concept itself. It’s easy to understand why: this is an isolating, and honestly terrifying experience. A person you barely knew to begin with ghosts you, and then you have a complete psychological meltdown. It doesn’t make sense!! It is emotionally and often physically painful (due to what is called the “core wound” activation, either in the sacral, solar plexus, or heart chakra). So when you start scouring the internet looking for answers, and stumble upon the idea of twin flames, and it does sound a LOT like what you experienced more or less, and then you find OTHERS who are having this happen to them…you are overjoyed to not be alone anymore!

It’s the human need for connection and community. The problem arises when people start to identify with the “twin flames” concept because the community cannot get you out of the experience. In fact, it will keep you IN the experience perpetually. The need to belong is like a drug you use to replace the crystal meth that is your twin flame. But it doesn’t get you healed, it keeps you addicted to both drugs.

That is because the community and it’s language – separation, union, bubble love, DNOTS, divine masculine, divine feminine, runner, chaser, etc. – are all describing the experience from a human’s perspective, aka the mind’s perspective. Unfortunately – and I am sorry if I am the one breaking this to you – that perspective is no longer an option for you. Mourn it and move on, because you must embrace a “soul perspective” in order to have a comfortable human experience from now on. That is just the way it is, and I don’t really know why although I have some ideas about raising the collective human consciousness which I won’t get into today. All I know is that you must let go of the mind as much as possible or you will continue to suffer. It’s almost like this journey is an infection of the mind and now your mind is permanently damaged and you have to leave it behind to survive!

What is a soul perspective? Quite simply, it is being in the now. It is presence, rather than mind. For most people who have the twin flame experience, they have been in the mind (human) perspective all their lives, like all of society, and the psychological breakdown we experience is very telling of how uncomfortable with presence we are. The initial 6 weeks with the twin flame were an experience of EXTREME presence, and when they leave, it is moving back into the lower frequency of mind, and that isn’t a nice feeling! Presence is no-mind. It is the perspective we shift into when we aren’t thinking anything at all.

In the beginning this is very hard to do for most people, they can’t even sit and meditate for 5 minutes without checking the clock. That’s just because we’ve been trained to do so, though. With time and practice (meditation) it gets easier and easier to remain present (out of the mind) for longer and longer periods, and THIS is what the twin flame journey introduces us to (swiftly!). That’s the whole “point” of it if you want to assign it a meaning.

The biggest challenge people have, and reason they remain addicted to the community, is that they don’t want to let go of the mythological “phase” of union. They are chasing physical union with their twin flame around like a carrot on a stick. That’s exactly why the tarot and psychic twin flame readings are so popular online, and have wayyyyy more views than the videos of people who actually understand this experience and are trying to educate and essentially liberate others from it.

The SAME energy that was activated when you had soul recognition with your twin flame, what they call runner/chaser, divine masculine/divine feminine (don’t pay any attention to either of those terms by the way, they are a misunderstanding), or push/pull, is the energy that keeps you addicted to “twin flames” and hoping for “union” one day. It’s all a myth, it’s an illusion of the mind. Let me explain why:

You are already IN UNION with your twin flame. The twin flame doesn’t actually exist. Because there is no YOU and THEM. You are the same thing. One soul is one soul. It’s actually very simple and boring. Any drama (including feelings) you assign to them is a trick of the mind because the truth is you are both of you. This concept is not something the mind was designed to even understand! Like “eternity” the mind cannot conceive of it. And that’s ok! The mind was created to keep ONE HUMAN alive and functioning in 3D existence. That’s it! It was designed to keep one of the two bodies alive, and that’s why you and the twin flame each have your own mind which means you have your own personality, thoughts and feelings. But that’s not “you”! “You” are the soul that is both humans.

If you can shift into this perspective then your whole “twin flame journey” will be over. THIS is what creates actual physical “union” because the only thing keeping the two separate bodies apart is the energy (aka MIND) that evokes thoughts and emotions about that body as “not you”. I hope this is resonating, because it is the only way to move on from this experience, which of course means physical union if you desire but it doesn’t have to and you won’t care about physical union once you truly comprehend this perspective.

You can never be separate from you.

So it makes sense now (I hope!) as to why all the tarot card readings and discussions in the twin flame community are not productive, right? They are all perpetuating separation. Some for money, some due to misunderstanding, many because of addiction. But the reason is not important, they just all are still in the mind perspective. Do you now see how “runner” and “chaser” is BS, for example?

Remember, it takes time to shift from the mind to the present. It takes practice, which is actually what I mean by “time” since this perspective is 5D and above the time-space continuum (4D), but you know. It takes patience with yourself and discipline and effort. But it is the only way.

The great thing about this is that if they are NOT your twin flame (if you doubt it 9284759745 times that’s a good sign they are, by the way, lol) then this will still work! There is nothing about the “twin flame” experience that this will not cure. If we are very wrong about this concept and it is only one soul per human and it turns out it’s something completely different that causes this shared experience in so many of us, guess what? Meditation and presence still works. The more you do it, the less you will care about “twin flames” (the concept and your own). And if it IS your twin flame, they will seem to magically return to your human experience over and over and over and over again because that’s what happens when the soul is just allowed to BE without resistance via mind stuff.

Of course, romance, longing, desire is alllll mind stuff. The human relationship with your twin flame is beyond all of that. It’s like being alone with someone else there. It’s zero drama, zero facade. It’s just being. It’s of course much higher than romance or longing or desire, it’s a frequency that far exceeds being “in love” which is what you experience with other souls in other human bodies. There are no words for it because this is a frequency beyond the mind which creates words. It is magnificent. And you get “there” by being there already, now.

Minimalism Online

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I do see the irony of this post, being that it is an online blog, but want to address minimalism online. I am a little bit (A LOT) convinced that the internet is just an imaginary cure to all of our fear, that doesn’t really cure anything. Like, we have a fear so we take the online aspirin, but then it wears off and we need another one. Minimalism in any area is just stripping down the illusions we have created to see reality for what it is.

The reality is that we stare at screens most of the day, and when we are not staring at screens we are wanting to pick up our phone and stare at a screen. Sometimes we stare at a screen while watching another screen. This is (I think) what everyone is talking about with The Social Dilemma on Netflix which I did not see but from what I gather it’s specifically about the dangers of social media addiction. But we do this with other screens, internet in general and computers at work and phones and TV, video games, even Zoom is a screen, I mean we have become the humans in Wall-e (which I saw on a mighty screen).

I recently deactivated Facebook when I realized I checked it like 20 times a day, and I do feel calmer but also WAY more anxious now that I don’t have a reason to check my phone 20 times a day, to pretend I have a social life I do not actually have because I have been alone in the desert for a year. My social life, in reality, consists of a lot of lizards.

That has been difficult to accept, but easier when I realize… hey, at least I know where I stand. I check a hole in the driveway twice a day to see if my friend Leroy is out. Leroy is a tarantula.

What I was doing before was way worse than talking to lizards and tarantulas, getting emotionally hooked into stuff on a screen. Tears, anger, FOMO, paranoia, frustration over racism and politics, fake relationships and debates I wasn’t even participating in. Holy stromboli, that is a problem. I’d rather cry because I have PMS or something, and get angry because you know, a car almost hit me walking up Bell Rock Blvd. Not over a comment someone left on my YouTube channel, or a novel-sized DM (don’t actually read those, not into ego bukkake).

I still find myself wanting to check something that isn’t there. It’s like a ghost limb. Sometimes I try replacing it with IG or YouTube or Snapchat, but then I’m like….No. Go out and talk to the lizards. Maybe some day I’ll be back in the human race for real, but today, I am not and I’m not going to cover that up with an internet aspirin.

The Dream

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

We are souls having a brief human experience. When we go to sleep at night we wake.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. It does not do to dismiss these human avatars, to bypass the body. If we think we succeeded, we failed.

Many humans are identified with the mind…. numb from the neck down. That is the real dream.

To be in the body is to feel sensation without judgement. Warm, cold, comfort, discomfort. Pain or pleasure, no good or bad, just is.

That is how to wake from the dream without sleeping.

Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Rahu tends to do well in earth signs because it can achieve material success in this element. In the logical sign of Virgo, it can do this in a methodical, intelligent and practical way. However, Rahu enjoys taking shortcuts at every turn, and Virgo is not a shortcut kind of sign. It is a sign of perfectionism. So this can be quite a frustrating placement, and the individual will fall back on Ketu in Pisces (intuition, creativity, spirituality).

Virgo crosses T’s and dots i’s. And then it checks 29842 times to make sure it did so, properly, if anything could be revised in the crossing of that T, perhaps it should dot that i again, it was a little crooked, it could be improved. Rahu is not happy with this zoomed-in approach to literally EVERYTHING, being a natural consumer, not a problem solver. This position is kind of like a tech guy stuck in a sales position. A potential customer comes in and he winds up talking to her for an hour about how to improve her internet connection and sells nothing. Then he’s frustrated with himself for not doing his actual job, his boss isn’t happy, and the customer goes to a different store!

Rahu wants to get that bread, always. In Virgo he is exceptionally smart, and has the potential to be criminally intelligent because Virgo understands systems and has no ethics about how to use them. This can be an unscrupulous combo! But Rahu can get impatient with all the Virgo OCD tendencies and painstaking perfectionism, and can become argumentative and hyper critical of others here, then give up and fall back on Ketu in Pisces. It can also be genius when it comes to health/medical things (Virgo’s realm).

Ketu in Pisces is the person who was at the end of a spiritual cycle, last incarnation. The meditating guru on the mountaintop, the creative artist, the intuitive psychic. It’s a bit of a redundancy: letting go of… the sign that represents letting go? Yes, because now this person must learn how to go from the macro to the micro. In this life Ketu is pushing the meditating guru off the mountaintop, and Rahu is calling him into the marketplace to become immersed in common folk life. No more sitting and thinking about the divine! No more creating art! No more relying on your intuition! Time to use that brain! Solve human problems like budgets and diet! Organize!

But the guru gets frustrated trying to count money and use his brain to figure out all this human bullshit and wanders back up the mountain, wanting to just blend into the universe and stop thinking. Then he gets lost in the bushes and can’t remember the way, and then realizes how to solve that human problem he was working on back in the marketplace, so he goes back down to finish it. This is the little game that this Rahu/Ketu person plays.

Ketu in Pisces must accept that intuition and spirituality will no longer do, and that success will come only with logic, pragmatism and intelligence. To serve mankind in this life, immersion in human life must occur. But remembering the connection with all that is helps to keep this person honest and heart-centered, when Virgo threatens to take over and criticize everything to death.


I published a post today about things I learned in quarantine and I hated it, so here is a video I have watched 34758034 times because Chad is everything. Enjoy!


Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

Doubt is an indicator that we are, in fact, on the journey we suspect we are. We were certain two weeks ago. Then last week we rejected it. This week we are unsure. That’s the mind, or perhaps more accurately, the attempts of the mind to resist something it cannot comprehend.

Because it’s an effing mind blower that we actually exist in two humans. That can’t be a real thing. It’s GOT to be something explainable, logical, known.

The mind cannot wrap itself around this, similar to nothingness, infinity, eternity… and that sensation is labeled “doubt.” It has no bearing on physics. Case in point:

“The sun revolves around the earth. Everyone knows that. Just look up at the sky. Look at it.”

Oh, but no. Humans were pretty crushed to find out they weren’t the center of everything. WHAT, we are on the outskirts of the galaxy too? Rude. Why do humans reject the the possibility of ETs? Because we MUST be special!

Here is an exercise to identify the ego. Read the following statements and check for an emotional trigger (anger, sadness, disappointment) or intellectual rejection (“But–” “That’s simply not true because–” “No you’re wrong”). That’s ego, and ego = separation.

  • You are not special.
  • A mosquito deserves the same respect you do. A blade of grass deserves the same respect. You are no better.
  • You have created the situation you are in right at this very moment.
  • You are not owed anything.
  • You cannot experience romance with your other self again.
  • The “twin flame journey” doesn’t exist.
  • Your past, culture, race, personality, experiences, suffering, hard work, career, possessions, finances, struggles, relationship status, parenthood status, disabilities, and accomplishments mean nothing.
  • The past is an illusion. It’s something we invent now. You brag about accomplishments because you choose unworthiness. You call other people judgmental because you choose nonacceptance. You talk about times you were victimized because you choose impotence. You tell stories of lack and hardship because you choose limitation.


Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

If you begin a minimalism journey and not just with things, prepare to become invisible. It starts with owning less, and progresses to less in all areas – less time online, less trying, less socializing, less drama – if we allow natural momentum.

This is a shrinking of the ego. Sure, we may start with less possessions, but generally that leads to questioning everything we have or do in excess. We may trade in the big house and impressive career for a part time job and a tiny home, just because owning and doing things for show becomes strange. The need to impress dissolves. We aren’t living for Instagram. We end up talking less, explaining ourselves less, and relationships start to dissolve.

Most people engage through ego. They try to control. That’s most of human behavior, whatever it looks like. It’s a giant game of some people chasing to exert dominance and some people running to play victim.

We become invisible to many, when we stop playing. We are sitting on the bench watching without judgement, just observing, and they forget about us. Some put labels on us as not being a “team player” or when they trip and fall and get pushed over by another player sometimes they take it out on us, as we are a sitting target. That can happen. People will sit by us and ask us to tell them how to not play and when they don’t like how we explain, or the manner in which we said it, or the intonation of our voice, they walk away and even tell others not to sit next to us. That happens too.

But mostly, we are ignored. We can play if we want, there’s always the option, but the high disappears. If this sounds terrible, good news… you’ve just identified ego! To be invisible is to be free, to embrace life, and accept others unconditionally (that’s real relationship), to be open to new experiences, to have adventures, to be of real service to others, and to BE love!


Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

We often spend our whole lives in an illusion of what we think our life is, vs what it really is.

Example: a person wakes up, brushes teeth, makes some coffee and scrolls IG until it’s time to get in the shower. Then they get dressed, turn on the news while eating breakfast, talk with their spouse about dinner, and then drive to work. That sounds pretty mundane, right? And we could make healthier choices: switching coffee for water, meditating instead of IG, skipping TV during breakfast. These would be massive game changers. But that won’t happen. This is why.

“Oh I hit snooze twice this morning, I am so bad, I really need to stop hitting snooze but we were up late watching Netflix. Ugh I’m so tired. I shouldn’t have had that second glass of Shiraz. I really need to go to bed earlier. We should cancel Netflix anyway, after that controversy. It’s all over Twitter. Maybe we can switch to HBO Max, at least try it out, Krista said it’s so good. I wonder how she’s doing this morning, she seems really down based on that Facebook post, yikes. I feel bad for all these people getting divorces with kids involved. We don’t have kids so that’s less of a strain, we still have a good marriage. Ugh, why does he keep leaving the seat up? I’ve asked him like 5 times this week. I would like some kids soon though. I wonder if we are starting too late. Am I ready to have a baby? I still have career goals I haven’t reached. I want to be able to work from home so we have enough income. I don’t even like kids, honestly. I don’t want my body to change either. Oh dammit, forgot to buy more toothpaste. I’ll have to pick some up at the store after work. Oh shoot, we have that office thing for Sarah’s birthday tonight, maybe Brad can go to the store. I have to remember to bring her gift so I can go straight to the restaurant. I guess I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”

This is the first 5 minutes of the day. Thinking about people who aren’t there, things that do not exist, the past and the future. And it will be the same thing the next day, and next month, and next year. That’s a life. There will be small changes in environment that appear big, also an illusion. New houses, jobs, marriages, kids.

This is a delusion we collectively live in. We stare at screens for hours every day and call it socializing. We neglect hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise, being in nature. We are worried about bills that do not need to be paid this moment, futures, conflicts that aren’t real. We keep having the same relationship with faces changing: our fathers become our husbands, our mothers become our wives, we become our parents with our children. We live the same drama over and over again and never know it. So we never change.