Moving Energy

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Minimalism is a wonderful catalyst for change. I explain it a bit in the linked post, but I’d like to go deeper into how letting go of material things is a way of changing one’s life. I have consistently found it to be effective whenever I get that “stuck in a rut” feeling. As I explained in my story in the previous minimalism series post, I do not own much anymore, and it has given me a lightness and freedom I had not previously experienced.

Let’s talk about what “stuff” is. For this specific post I want to focus on material things we have, but stuff can be anything… drama, emotional issues, relationships, illnesses…. that’s why we call it baggage. It weighs us down, right? I consider stuff to be anything that is not in alignment with the soul, aka nothingness, just “being” and that’s it. Presence. Anything that feeds the mental and emotional noise that keeps us from just being in the moment weighs us down.

Our material things are a physical representation of this stuff, whether we realize it or not… and we often don’t, because it has become so commonplace for humans to have it. That prom or wedding dress in the back of your closet is only there for memories, let’s be real. You can’t even zip it up anymore. And you only think about it now and then, but your subconscious knows it is there all the time. The box of stuffed animals in the attic that belongs to your kid who is now in college (really?), the old electronics you will either fix, sell, or eventually recycle in the basement (sure). The 10 pairs of shoes you haven’t worn in over a year. I am cringing right now just writing this, because that is all your ENERGY being tied up in dead weight, and somewhere in your mind energy is always tied to that thing.

We let ourselves accumulate because not only is it socially acceptable and even encouraged in western culture, but mostly because we do not want to face the feelings that flow when we let things go. There is a stuck emotion tied up with a possession (otherwise we would not have an attachment to it, we would not consider it “ours,” it would just be a thing). There is pain, whether it’s just a twinge of fear (what if someone steals my identity from this 2004 Gateway PC hard drive after I hand it over to the Best Buy recycling center??) or a bigger emotional release (my baby is all grown up and I will never have another one), the mind avoids it because that’s what the mind’s job is….to avoid bad experiences for the body! But in the case of material things, the body never fully processed that emotion.

This is why we hang on to things. Things are irrelevant. We don’t need hardly any THING. But the telltale sign of an emotional attachment is that you will read this post and then look at something in your home you’ve been meaning to donate or recycle or give away or sell, and you won’t take steps to do it. But there will be a mental excuse for that. “I’ll do it this weekend” (and you don’t). “It seems like a bother,” but you have literally nothing better to do today. It’s avoidance, not laziness. Because what happens when we actually take the steps to begin letting it go, whatever that step is…. cleaning it up and taking pictures of it for Let Go or Facebook Market, researching donation centers or consignment shops nearby, tossing it in the recycle bin… it automatically begins the process of emotional release. We feel it, and then have the opportunity to fully experience that feeling. After letting it go, we feel buoyant, lighter, happier.

I have learned to use this process of cleaning up to move energy in my life in all areas. I like to start with things I know I don’t need, old papers, maybe a spice that has gone bad, anything. The thing itself truly doesn’t matter, it’s the action of re-examining a thing that isn’t my favorite to see how I can repurpose that thing if possible, and if not, let it go. It starts the momentum, and then pretty soon other things become obvious. I know when I am done for the day because I feel refreshed, empowered, free, and I feel energy in my body.

I did this process for years every other weekend or so, just because it delighted me, and I stopped when I felt like it. If I picked up an object in my home and it filled me with happiness and joy and I loved it then I kept it. Anything that felt like it weighed me down and I couldn’t repurpose, I either sold, donated, gave away, recycled, or tossed. Anything I was on the fence about was saved for another time (and inevitably let go of in the future). This minimalism process swiftly accelerates our energy, and our life situation then shifts and changes rapidly. To be honest, it’s just fun! And it feels so light and free to own less!

It’s all a letting go process, really. Emotionally letting go of the past. That’s all material things are… a reminder of the past. Some of it is still great and fills us with joy and is highly functional, and that’s the stuff we keep and cherish more when we have re-chosen it here and now. The stuff we let go of gives us life and energy and that energy will flow in all areas of our life, keeping us present, changing, flowing, clarifying, growing, aligning more and more. It’s well worth it!

(One caveat: in a world of waste, always try to repurpose, sell, donate, give away, recycle, before trashing things please! Our environmental footprint is not something that can be eradicated as easily.)


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What is power? Becoming nothing and no one. Dissolving into the void, disintegration of the self into the blackness of source.

Power is letting go. Relinquishing control of the how and the why, moment to moment.

Acceptance, surrender, presence. Here and now is all there is. Accepting that the mind is making up a past and a future and that is an illusion.

“Your” power is here and now, no longer identifying as “you” or anything associated with that. Detach from people, places, things in this illusion of physical world.

Power is watching thoughts and emotions and letting them pass through like wind. Accepting one day this body and mind will go away and you will still be. The one is the all and the all is the one. And it is everything and nothing.

Power is accepting that change is the only constant, change is excitement, change is joy. Embrace change.

Living in the unknown and being cool with not having control. That is power. Riding the wave of electric source, not trying to control anything.

Safety, security, protection, these are all illusions. What do you need protection from? You are eternal and cannot be destroyed, so what do you need safety from? If “you” are all that is… then are you not the danger, too?

Power is lightening up, laughing, friskiness, play, creativity, fun. Power is giving up a “personality” and recognizing all humans are all humans. If one human can do it all humans can do it. We are all the same thing.

Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay


Rahu is the manifestor of material things, and Ketu obliterates them. As I explain in my YouTube lunar node series, Rahu is the white whale we are obsessively chasing and Ketu is the white elephant we are given and want to get rid of. On the Taurus-Scorpio axis, this duality becomes about control. Taurus represents mastery of the 3D world…. the slow, steady accumulation of material things and wealth. Scorpio represents mastery of the 4D world… energy manipulation, occult/psychic knowledge and power, sexual energy exchange. This is (like the Aries-Libra axis) another Venus vs Mars scenario.

The placement of Rahu in Taurus is beneficial all around. Rahu desires material accumulation, however it is also like a chameleon, or a Boggart in Harry Potter (they become the biggest fear of whoever is standing in front of them). It immediately takes on the qualities of the ruler of whatever sign it is in, or planet it is conjunct. It morphs. This can lead to the obsessive, insatiable quality Rahu is known for, because it becomes ravenous when it has morphed something that cannot bring material success. Well, Taurus is perfect for Rahu because it will bring gains, and easily. More than that, it brings slow and steady success which appeases Rahu (as long as the native’s Venus isn’t debilitated and Rahu isn’t conjunct any planets). That’s all Rahu really wants anyway, it doesn’t want ALLL the things at once, it just acts that way when it gets NOTHING at all. Makes sense, right?

So what is the issue? Ketu in Scorpio. This isn’t necessarily a bad placement at all, and really depends on the native’s Mars and any planets conjunct Ketu, of course. But generally Ketu – unlike Rahu – is trying to get back to source constantly and that explains why Ketu is trying to demanifest all the time. It rejects gains wherever it sits. Scorpio doesn’t ask for material gain, it could care less about the physical world. However, it wants power, and unlike Taurus that feels in control the more material pleasures it has, Scorpio feels control through energy gain. So Ketu here is attracting all sorts of energy that it doesn’t want (because the 4D astral plane is still a lower dimension than where Ketu wants to go, which is back to 5D, the soul’s dimension, and beyond). This placement leads to strong psychic abilities and occult knowledge. Ketu will both fall back on this comfort zone and then reject it in an attempt to transcend.

Still, we don’t see much of an issue, right? Well, Scorpio is a funny sign. It is the excavator (in modern astrology it is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation). Scorpio investigates, does research. It can become obsessive over others, but what is behind this obsession is a desire for energetic power that has been misplaced into controlling others, because it has lost the ability to control its OWN energy. This is why Scorpio is so fascinated with psychology and astrology and witchcraft and occult things….they can all be used for good to know the self better (on the 4D astral level, not the 5D soul level), or they can be used for evil to try to know OTHERS on the 4D level, “behind the veil” so to speak. Of course, it does the self no good to focus astral energy on others. It is actually quite destructive. In this way, Ketu and Scorpio are dangerously matched, because both are inclined to destruction. So with this placement, a person can be inclined towards self-destruction, which may be expressed through attempts to control and manipulate others (a useless activity for ANYONE because true power and self-control comes through keeping our astral energy inside and focused on the present, transcending us to the 5D). It can become so out of whack that harming others is possible, and justified in the distorted mind of this person.

The balance point of this polarity comes when Ketu in Scorpio accepts its psychic abilities, occult knowledge, and propensity to understand people, places and things on an energetic level in ways others typically do not. Acceptance of this, but only using it for positive growth of the self. This allows Rahu in Taurus to do its thing naturally, make gains, accumulate, grow like a garden. As long as the focus is not about “stealing” energetic power from others (AGAIN this is a facade, it’s not possible), or manipulating others, Ketu will let all that go and use energy to create a satisfying human experience for Rahu. This will help everyone, because all benefit from the beautiful garden Taurus grows.

Mochi and Lizards

I used to do a daily writing exercise about something I wanted as if it already happened, but at some point I just starting writing free form and now it’s getting increasingly mochi and lizard related, and I’m sharing yesterday’s entry:

I am in mochi heaven, mochi grows on trees here. All kinds of mochi trees…fruit mochi, ice cream mochi, all flavors. I bite one, still on the tree. It grows back!!

There are so many lizards in this world. Ground lizards, tree lizards, baby lizards, King lizards, iguanas. I love them.

There are flowers in this world too ❤ Allll flowers ALLL the time. And rainbows. And unicorns who eat mochi. They poop out gold bars – I collect them. I am a billionaire.

Lots of butterflies too, and dragonflies, and ladybugs, and bunnies, and ravens and gel pens & palm trees & ocean & nice beaches & dolphins but the ones that don’t rape, and delicious, nutritious food, good music & dancing, delicate sun, stars, beautiful mountains, gemstones, Himalayan salt caves, hummingbirds, friendly tarantulas that say “howdie ho!” New episodes of Rick & Morty every week, Chris Fleming is my G(?)BF, Emma from Tokidoki [Traveler] is my BFF, Kurt chases after me like a puppy dog, all my cats are there and live forever and my dogs too and it’s Japan.

The end

Letting Go

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

The twin flame journey is really about learning to let go, specifically of the 3D, and then the 4D. When we have soul recognition with the TF, the six week (give or take) bubble love phase begins. This is also when an energetic wall (emotion) is building – a wall of resistance – and once it gets to a certain “thickness” in the 4D, the bubble love phase is over. The 3D manifestation of this wall is the so-called “running” of the negative polarity twin, and the positive polarity twin goes into “dark night of the soul” which is a complete emotional breakdown, most often includes physical pain, and always includes obsessive thoughts about the other twin.

Let me be clear; the twin flame separation is an illusion. This is the same soul in two different humans, which I will explain. Why do all positive polarity twins go through nearly the same experience? Because humans have the same conditioning, more or less, despite cultural differences. We are trained to believe this 3D world is “real” even though as babies, we are still seeing separation as an illusion. We must be trained into collective beliefs so we can participate as humans.

The TF journey is a breakdown of all of these beliefs and that is why the positive polarity twin goes through specific experiences during DNOTS. The experience of soul recognition is unlike anything else, and if you haven’t been through, I could describe it as the most intense love you ever experienced, kind of like a combination of your first serious love, and the feeling you have for an infant. It is the purest love because it is unconditional (something humans do not get to experience often, except at the very beginning of a new relationship, and typically when they have a child). The reason it is so pure and intense is simple: it is with yourself in another body. It’s an extraordinarily surreal experience and defies everything in physical reality, including very common physical obstacles between twins such as large age gaps, cultural/religious/societal taboos, commitment to other partners, you name it and it doesn’t stand a chance during the bubble love phase (until the emotional wall has built up).

The “polarity” is simply the 4th dimensional us, the astral plane, the time space continuum. The soul incarnates into an energy field that is a spectrum with a positive polarity end and a negative polarity end, just like temperature incarnates into hot/cold and there is extreme absolute zero on one end and the temperature of the sun on the other end. Same thing. Each end of the soul’s 4D spectrum has a portion that is slowed down enough to participate in the lower energy 3D, and that is what we call a body. There is a body on the positive end and a body on the negative end. That is twin flames. Everyone has one. Most people on earth now have not (and likely will not, for some time) have soul recognition with theirs. That means they could have met their twin flame and even been friends or been in a relationship, but they did not have soul recognition and we don’t know what is the threshold for this because we are dealing with the first “wave” of twin flames. It is likely an energetic threshold, one or both humans must be vibrating on a certain frequency for this to occur, but we don’t know.

The positive polarity is also the “conscious” polarity and the negative polarity is the “unconscious” polarity. This means that one twin – the one with the obsessive thoughts about the other – is aware that there is something going on that has to do with the other twin. The other twin is also going through a complete breakdown, but due to the shared energy field, they must direct their mind – the regulator of the astral field – towards anything but the other twin flame. The energy moves one way. It’s a system. This isn’t difficult to grasp. Whatever the conscious polarity is doing towards the unconscious polarity, they are doing to someone or something else. Obsession with another party, work, sex, drugs, whatever. They have to go through the same thing but are completely unaware of why.

The conscious polarity twin has the opportunity to solve all the issues for both twins. I say opportunity because they don’t have to do anything, but the pain they go through and the knowledge they have gives them a leg up from the other twin, who is unaware of why life has all of a sudden become a shit show. The conscious polarity twins are often searching for answers, because they just want the obsessive thoughts and physical pain to cease.

Here is the answer then, for the positive polarity twin: let go. Letting go becomes the solution and simultaneously the biggest obstacle because of fear. But it will solve literally ALL the problems for the entire unit (aka both of you). Let go of the physical twin flame, for starters. This takes great discipline and no one can do it for you. This means no physical action whatsoever towards them. Let go of everything in the physical world that has anything to do with the other twin. This takes great faith because of the fears that inevitably come up, physical anxiety symptoms that can be very strong. But that is an indicator that this is the right thing to do because discomfort and facing the unknown are your new best friends. Cease all communication to, and about, the twin. None whatsoever. Do not talk about the twin or the TF journey with anyone. Do not listen to anyone else talk about the twin or the TF journey either. No exceptions.

Then, emotions. Time to let go of all emotions associated with the twin. This will be easy because you have already let go of all physical reminders, and stopped all talking about the twin or TF journey in general, you are no longer researching or watching YouTube videos or reading blog posts like this. So now there are only internal triggers rather than external triggers. What internal triggers causes emotions? Thoughts. Specifically our belief about thoughts being “good” or “bad” (the thought itself is neutral). Stop believing anything the mind comes up with about the twin. Every single time a thought comes up, say out loud “NO.” This will help tremendously with stopping an emotion before it starts.

Soon, when this is adhered to (and by the way, most people do not have the discipline to get this far which is why so few people are yet in physical union with their twin)… thoughts will be rare. When they come into the mind, they will be easily let go of, with zero emotion.

This is when the twin flame return occurs. The negative polarity twin naturally comes back to the positive polarity twin once the energetic field – emotion – has been neutralized. It is just the mechanism, time and space (4D) collapse when we are spending more time in 5D (soul, aka presence). All we need to do is be in the present moment. It’s so simple and yet so few people can maintain this, they get pulled back into ego (4D) which means thoughts, which means beliefs, which means emotions, which can mean physical pain, then people start talking about it and listening to it, then they are taking physical action towards the twin and they have re-built and are maintaining a massive energetic wall between themselves and the other physical twin.

Assuming you succeeded in neutralizing, the twin returns, typically a text or friend request or something. This is physical proof you are doing well, that’s it. Because they have gotten to the point of thinking about you that they reached out (communication). There is no need to do anything but keep on what you’re doing. Easier said than done of course, because this is when the REAL TRIGGERS begin. Keep on. This will eventually lead to them taking physical action towards you whether they are conscious of it or not (chance meetings, for example). The field must be kept neutralized, that is your ONLY JOB. That’s your one job from now on, forever. Even if they marry you and you see them every minute of every day, your one job is to keep the field neutralized. You do this by continuously letting go. The benefit of this is not only that you detach completely from the physical form of the twin, but rest assured (there is often extreme doubt on this journey and questioning if that person was truly your twin) if they are not your twin this is STILL THE BEST WAY TO GO. If they were not your twin they will never come back and you will be over them completely, and moved on. This process also improves literally every other area of your life. It’s (pun intended) a no-brainer.

My Stuff

Image by giovanni gargiulo from Pixabay

This post is part of the new minimalism series

Less is more. Although I grew up in a household that was under the poverty line, there was a wee bit of packratism going on in my room. I hoarded everything as a child: tennis balls, McDonald’s toys, barbies, rocks, seashells, stuffed animals, erasers, glitter pens. I was a “neat” hoarder (most of the time)… I organized all my crap into what I referred to as my COLLECTIONS and I would rearrange them often. (The rest of the home was quite nice, my mother being artistic and a natural beautifier of spaces).

I have actually witnessed true hoarding in person, and understand there are psychological issues that lay beneath it. It’s not pretty, it’s disturbing and honestly scary. It leaves a person feeling a certain type of way to witness. My childhood tendencies were not that, and no part of my childhood home was filthy thanks to my mom.

But perhaps because I witnessed true hoarding in others at one point, I began to declutter in my twenties, especially after a few moves … moving always seems to make us lose stuff along the way! … when I realized I had boxes of crap that never even got unpacked, they just kept getting moved. At 23, I read a coaching book that mentioned law of attraction which was new to me, and one of the first steps was to organize, declutter, and take care of all the little crap we are tolerating (holes in clothes, moldy shower curtain, etc).

I did it, and then I did it again, and again, and again because it felt so DAMN GOOD. I lived with a boyfriend in my early twenties so I couldn’t really take care of his stuff, but I could take care of mine and that was a lesson. The relationship ended and in my mid-twenties, I moved back with my mom and stepdad, where my unpacked boxes laid in the attic and basement. Over the next few years I started to go through this stuff and periodically let go of it. The feeling of less was so…. intoxicating.

By the time I bought my home in my early 30’s, I had released a lot of stuff, and the three months it took to close on my condo gave me ample time for one last clean up. I was determined to bring everything with me into the new place, and at this point it wasn’t much! I put all my money into a sizeable down payment and spent the first few months with about two pieces of furniture. It was fun, I borrowed a twin mattress from my parents and would drag it from the bedroom to the living room on Friday nights, and watch my free-for-a-year HBO on my 30-inch TV. Fight Club literally always seemed to be on. I watched Fight Club every Friday night, and then when I finally got a shelving unit for $30 a Big Lots, I assembled it watching Fight Club, and then my parents bought me a lovely entertainment center on and I assembled it watching… why yes, Fight Club.

After 2-3 years in the condo, I had collected enough Ikea and Home Goods decor to feel a bit stifled. I was just trying to do what people did when they bought a home, you know? But I felt weighed down by this so-called “American Dream” and kind of wanted to obliterate it all. One night I remember having fallen asleep on my Raymour & Flannigan oversized coach, and suddenly woke at midnight with urgency. My eye was on the black coffee table my most recent ex-boyfriend had pushed me to take after he bought himself a new one. He had gotten it used off Craigslist, it was all scratched up from his dog, and then he came over one day with it like he was doing me a huge favor. Insert massive eye roll.

I hated it. I accidentally (?) burned an iron mark into it. Black did NOT go with my color scheme. It also made me feel like a charity case. Did I mention my ex had broken up with me out of nowhere, two weeks after moving into his complex? I took that thing, heaved it over my head in a surge of adrenaline, carried it to the dumpster, and carefully placed in next to the dumpster for someone else to take (hey, one woman’s trash is another’s treasure!). That same night I collected everything he had bought me from dollar stores and flea markets and tossed the lot.

I felt amazing the next day. I was literally a new person. I began a two year journey of paring down to just the bare minimum. A capsule wardrobe, sleeping on a mat on the floor, one mug, that sort of thing. By 2019 I realized I didn’t need a 900+ square foot condo. It was just too much space, and I prefer to be out of doors anyway. I because enamored with the idea of a tiny house, and seriously decided it was the route to go. I sold all my furniture. Then I took a fateful weekend trip to Sedona in September and realized that I truly wanted to move there. Because I had minimized everything in my life, my priorities were clear as day. I came home, let my boss know my plan, fixed up my home and put it on the market. In 3 days it sold for higher than asking price (!) and so three months after I arrived in Arizona, I arrived again in my car, with everything I owned in the trunk.

I have to say, I have never missed anything that I let go of. I gave a lot of stuff away, donated, sold things, recycled, etc. OK, the only thing I ever missed was my Tamagotchi …and now I often miss my Switch (wow what millennialism)… and I regularly miss my home/development, if I can be honest. But the happiest I have ever been was when I lived in my car this past winter, in Phoenix. The feeling of freedom and oneness with humanity was unparalleled. Living in the moment is much easier when energy isn’t tied into attachment, ownership, possessions, titles, roles, etc. and that is what happiness seems to be for me.

The Void

Image by Garik Barseghyan from Pixabay

What is spirituality? There is no actual way to describe it. We can talk about what it isn’t, and we can point to it with our words. We can talk around it, that’s it. The simple reason is that spirituality is like a black hole, it’s a void. Scientists can only locate a black hole by how things around it are effected, how light bends when in the vicinity. Like a black hole, there is a singularity in the center; the soul. This is the part of us that exists above the time-space continuum (the 4D), that is no time and no space. Spirituality is soul, or being. Words are of the mind and a focus of energy…. they have limitations… they cannot reach the limitless of soul.

What is NOT spirituality? Actions, thoughts, words. No exceptions. Anything metaphysical that is labeled “spiritualism” is not. The closest it comes is discussing meditation and presence, how to incorporate more nothing. How to push away the stuff and allow the void.

How do we experience spirituality then, if we cannot get there through talking about it, thinking about it, or doing anything?

We do nothing and think nothing.

Spirituality is the nothing. It is the void. This is the soul. This is alignment. This is God. This is source. This is accessing the unified field. This, incidentally, aligns our lower dimensional selves – our astral body (aura, chi, chakras, mind, thoughts, emotions) and our physical self – because when we access higher dimensions we align lower ones.

It is literally a no-brainer. We can use the mind to remove as many blocks as possible for presence, and that’s about all the mind can “do” here. The mind can carve out time for meditation (doing nothing). Take care of the body’s needs so that’s not a distraction to presence. Remove superfluous drama from the life situation, etc. The mind is good at problem solving so we can put it to “work” to maximize as much presence as possible.

That’s all I can say.

Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra


Rahu is the siren call in our chart, and when in Aries, it morphs into a Mars-like soldier with laser focus. The obsession with competition, militancy, aggression, and general WINNING is strong to say the least. (These people are very good at sales and anything competitive, by the way!)

To understand the motivation behind this need to be #1, we must look at Ketu in Libra. Rahu is what we don’t have and want desperately,; Ketu is what we have but could care less about. This is the white elephant, and in Libra that means relationships (especially marriage, business, and other legal partnerships)…check house placement to get more specific. There was a mastery of relationship in a past life and now it comes naturally, but you really want nothing to do with it. So of course, life keeps handing it to you! But when you fall back on this comfort zone… ugh, problems and situations happen that remind you of why you no longer care for it.

Does it then make sense as to why there is overdrive towards Aries? We are only obsessed with what we think we don’t have. In this case, the person feels they are overly caught up in union and have lost autonomy. So Rahu in Aries is the illusion of “life would be perfect if I could obtain independence, autonomy, etc. and I must aggressively pursue it.” The Libra comfort zone is an overgrowth of Venus. Too much laziness, passivity, indulgence, reliance on partners/relationships. So there is a desire for Mars, which means WAR…competition, strife, honing the self through fire, embracing conflict as a chance to become a better fighter.

The Aries-Libra axis is traditionally me vs you, but really it’s me vs us. Independence vs union… this is the balance need with Rahu and Ketu here. Clearly Rahu is the obsession and yet as mentioned, the only reason for this is the illusion of not already being it. Ketu rejects partnership (or the specific relationship its house placement suggests) because it eschews all the piddling “human” issues that come with it, really. Co-dependence, indecision, manipulation, passivity… but what we run from is really our unconscious desire to participate in that crap, otherwise it wouldn’t matter.

Neutralizing the need to run from relationship is the answer… just accepting what is. When people hear “acceptance” they think it means complacency or agreement, and it doesn’t. It is just seeing reality without trying to escape or paint an illusion over what is. Let’s say Ketu in Libra is in the 7th house of legal partnerships, and marriage has become a bum deal for this person. Ok, so I married an axe murder (does anyone remember that movie?). It is what it is. Accept it and go from there. By all means, get the divorce… but accept that this is what life IS at this moment.

This acceptance leads to taking actions for the self (aka divorcing the axe murderer) because it’s just what the logical next step is. For this person, the logical “next steps” will generally be about honing independence and autonomy, doing for the self. These actions close the Rahu gap… no need to aggressively compete with everyone and everything, to hone the self, because you are already doing it… you have become Rahu. This is the quiet fulfillment of destiny. This in turn leads to attracting higher caliber relationship because the need to run from them has dissolved.

The Wisdom of Shutting Up

Communication is a huge deterrent on the twin flame journey, and so this post is twin flame journey specific, yet it is definitely wisdom for anyone and everyone. When we talk about things, or actively listen to other people talk about things, we are participating in a “third level” manifestation. I talked about it more in this post. A thought is first level and an emotion is second level. By the time the energy gains enough momentum that we are discussing it out loud with others, we are well on our way to a physical manifestation (fourth level).

People on a twin flame journey use communication against themselves. This is true of those who are still chasing down their twin flame trying to communicate with them. But also those who have found a twin flame support group, formed a subgroup off the support group, start coaching to help others and find themselves stuck in ego-feeds rather than heart centered service. Any talking about one’s twin flame or the idea of twin flames, really. The concept is quite simple: talking about your twin flame or the concept of twin flames is staying in separation.

Most authentic twin flame coaching is to help people out of their addiction and suffering. This is after the bubble love phase is over and the physical twin flame ghosts, catalyzing a painful experience referred to often as dark night of the soul. Because of the pain people go searching for answers, so that’s why coaching is geared towards them. Hopefully they find a quality mentor and begin a proper detox which includes no talking about the twin flame as they begin shifting from mind into presence.

Once this is underway, as long as it is actually being done, the twin flame returns, often in a few months. This triggers a new phase of balancing and neutralization. It’s a beautiful thing but people become derailed by talking about it with others, thinking that helps. It doesn’t (unless you are working with a mentor who is holding a container for you to authentically steer you away from focus on the twin, AND towards independence in this process).

Once you have learned to balance without assistance – like riding a bike without the training wheels of mentorship – then neutralization is inevitable. The twin flame journey, so to speak, is over. Because you are now shifted into a paradigm of union consciousness. There IS no more focus on twin flame anything and so you have no desire to talk about it because you have zero interest. The one caveat to this is if you receive the calling to mentor others… then you’ll be talking about “twin flames” solely when acting in service to others, especially if called to work with the initiates.

There is one simple fact: talking about your twin flame or your twin flame experience is a deterrent to your progress. There isn’t a way to get around this, really. It’s quite simple. If you are talking about the twin flame you are clearing thinking about them, and if you are thinking about them then you are in separation consciousness. What is union? When you are no longer separate. You cannot be separate from that which you do not focus on, because the mind creates separation through focus.

And now I shall stop talking about twin flames ❤


I’m beginning a series on minimalism, because it has been instrumental in my journey. This doesn’t just go for material possessions, although I have very few of those, but in all life areas. So it seems like a nice series topic because there is (ironically) too much to discuss on minimalism for one post!

I have experienced that whenever I choose minimalism in any life area, I have much greater happiness. The concept is simple: pare down to the essentials. When it comes to possessions, relationships, activities, tasks, really every life area, less is more. I would like to touch on these various life areas and how to use minimalism for success in this series.

There is a paradox here that is confounding to the mind. Abundance is the opposite of minimalism… isn’t it? Don’t we want abundance? Well, yes we do, but not everywhere! Someone once told me a science fact that horrified me as a child (don’t know about the accuracy!): if all insects lived, the earth would be piled a mile high in bugs in 3 days. That’s not an abundance I would care for!

The thing about minimalism is that it allows for more control over our abundance, more personal power. If there is an abundance of mugs in the kitchen that go unused, that is energy tied up. Give all but two away or sell the rest, and watch what happens! The energy is freed up into potential (chaotic) energy. This is subtle, but with practice and observation, we can begin to feel the shift of stored energy as it pulls back into our field.

This is why when you clean your office and organize your files, you get new clients. Or donate a bunch of old clothes to charity, and meet someone new and start dating. It is all energy. The action of freeing up energy through minimalism doesn’t even have to be in a particular area, as in my example with the office and clients. Once energy is freed, it is ours to use in any life area… or to keep. I’m excited to get into this in future posts!