New Blog

New BlogWelcome to my new blog! My name is Abby, and I created this website as an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with astrology, mainly because growing up I had many questions that I couldn’t easily find the answers to.

I generally believe that you don’t need things like astrology or numerology to live your life. But why not use every tool you can? They can teach you more about your own potential, and help you plan with better timing. They also help you understand yourself and others on a deeper level.

I am not one of those people who checks an ephemeris before making any decisions (I can’t, I’m a quadruple Aries). That’s not how one should use anything, because then it becomes a crutch. But astrology has always helped me to understand basic trends and patterns in my life, and perhaps most importantly the hardships. We all go through challenging times, and for some of us it’s easy to forget that eventually they will be in the past.

 New Blog

I hope I can help someone else see light at the end of their tunnel!



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