Saturn in Sagittarius – 1st House transit

IMG_1830When Saturn crosses over the Ascendant (1st house cusp), there can be a crisis involving the physical self. You may see your appearance clearly for the first time in a while, or understand how others see you, and it’s not what you want. Maybe you’ve been ignoring weight gain, or another physical issue, or didn’t realize how outdated your look has become.

The Ascendant angle represents how we meet the world, quite literally; it was the sign on the horizon at the time of your birth. It psychologically represents the role you take on in your family, and also reflects your physical appearance. With Saturn currently in your 1st house, you either have a Scorpio or Sagittarius rising.

If you have a Scorpio rising, then Saturn already forced you to look squarely at yourself some time last year, and you are probably well under way in your personal transformation (you’re good at that). Scorpio is like the phoenix, who dies and rises from its ashes. It’s starting something new that gives you a challenge, because you cling to what you know, fearful of the pain that change might bring. If that’s been the case, Saturn entering bubbly and light-hearted Sag will help loosen your tight grip and enter the transformative phase.

If you have a Sagittarius rising, it can really be a buzz kill to see you’ve put on a lot of weight, or that your excessive way of life has resulted in a medical issue like diabetes or high blood pressure. You can no longer ignore it. Or perhaps your style is too fun and flighty to get you hired in a professional job, and you can’t ignore it anymore. Whatever it is, you aren’t one to stay down too long, but committing to changes may be a challenge for you.

Saturn can begin with a huge letdown, as you have to face what your image is saying about you to the world.  But once this transit is over, you will be a wiser, more mature you in both image and presentation. Remember, this is an opportunity to work with reality, not let it restrict or depress you. Allow your look, body, and personality to mature and you will end up feeling younger and more liberated; that’s Saturn’s “Benjamin Buttons” effect.

This is also a good time for either rising sign to consider if your approach to the world is serving you today, or if you’ve been on autopilot. Perhaps you had a tough childhood (Scorpio), and are naturally defensive/private, but nowadays you wish you could relax. Or, maybe you were the party animal of your family (Sag), and you just wish you could stay in some weekends and be productive. Use this Saturn in Sagittarius transit to reevaluate.


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