Saturn in Sagittarius – 2nd House Transit

The 2nd house represents our self-worth, and the material things we attract. It includes finances, assets, and personal property, as well as how we retain a sense of personal security. When Saturn enters the 2nd house, there is often a personal crisis regarding self-worth and/or security. If you have been ignoring the severity of a financial situation it may come to a head. Perhaps something you hold of value turns out to be worth much less than expected, like your home. The underlying crisis involves your self-worth, how much you think you deserve, and how things make you feel secure.

If Saturn is currently moving through your 2nd house, then you have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are naturally resourceful but private about material things, and have a good ability to regenerate income if/when you lose everything. As a fixed sign, Scorpio can hold onto things tenaciously, however, and losing them becomes a survival scenario. Once you make a change, it is permanent.

If you have Sagittarius on the H2 cusp, you are right in the midst of getting hit with the reality stick! Sorry Sag, it’s sad to see your enthusiastic bubble burst. You are generally lucky with money, but also too generous. You can have a variety of ways to earn money, but tend to let personal principles get in the way of your work ethic. Money goes towards spiritual/religious and educational pursuits, as well as travel and partying.

Saturn in Sagittarius has you both learning discipline in the arena of finances, security, and self-worth. This may involve changing your concept of material ownership, how you earn money, and what you value. It may also mean must learn to find security in things that are not material, if you’ve been putting all your eggs in one basket.


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