Saturn in Sagittarius – 3rd House Transit

The 3rd house represents how we learn and communicate in this lifetime. It’s often associated with childhood – it rules over siblings and basic learning – and in adulthood, it shows how we react to our ever-changing immediate environment. When Saturn crosses into H3, it can reveal outdated modes of communicating/interacting, that renders one ineffective. Perhaps you aren’t up to date on the technology used in your office, for example. Or, you become aware that your curiosity about the world around you is gone, and you’ve developed a jaded attitude about your everyday environment. Because this house is equated with mental activity, Saturn’s presence here can result in depression and worry.

If Saturn is traveling through your 3rd house already, you likely have Scorpio on the cusp, and therefore are on the private, reserved side. When it comes to neighborly relations, you keep your secrets behind closed doors. Your way of learning is to probe deeply into a topic, and although you are a bit reserved when having to learn something new, you enjoy subjects like psychology, survival, reproduction, sex, death, occult subjects, and astrology. Saturn’s transit brings a very real threat of depression for you, as your thoughts are already dark, and you won’t acclimate to the changes it requires so easily. The faster you can get into the transformation phase, the better however, because you excel at that. Sagittarius is a lighter sign, that may prompt you into delving into new modes of communication.

Sagittarius on your 3rd house cusp? You are easy going and optimistic in your speech, and prefer changes to your everyday environment, or else you get restless. Your interests lie in foreign cultures (you excel at languages), travel, philosophy, spirituality/religion, and although you’re good at inspiring others, you sometimes get a little preachy, and tend to put your foot in your mouth. Saturn’s transit is likely to make you realize you’ve gotten out of touch with your immediate environment, perhaps because your eyes are perpetually on the horizon. You may have to get serious if you’ve become sloppy in your communication.

Regardless of your house cusp, during Saturn in Sagittarius you will learn how to re-adapt to the environment, and that requires a newfound curiosity in the avenues with which you can communicate more effectively. You may find yourself learning a new language or way of networking, such as a new social media platform, or attending classes to learn new programs so you can keep up at work. Neighbor and sibling relationships may go through a revamp, as well, during this transit.


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