Saturn in Sagittarius – 4th House Transit

The 4th house represents home, family, ancestry, and roots. It describes how we act in the private comforts of our house. When Saturn rolls into the 4th, it passes the Imum Coeli (IC), the 4th house cusp, which represents one of the parents: traditionally the father, and in modern astrology, the mother (at this time, one parent may face a challenge, like a health concern). During the 4th house transit, Saturn brings up issues of past conditioning, or genetic detriments, that are not desirable. For example, you may realize you have the same anger issues as your mom, or you are suffering from a genetic disorder inherited from Dad.

If Saturn is in your 4th house presently, you either have a Scorpio or Sagittarius IC. With Scorpio on the cusp of the 4th, there’s a sense of privacy and secrecy about home life. You may have had a tough childhood, and keep family things hush-hush, or you could’ve been exposed to sexuality at an early age. Saturn can be a depressing presence in your 4th house, because you prefer not to think about these issues. But it also provides an opportunity to change dysfunctional behaviors that you exhibit unconsciously. You need just become aware, in order to begin the transformation process.

Sagittarius IC people grew up in a philosophical home, an extremely religious environment, or may have traveled extensively or had family from different cultures. You are adaptive to change and even restless without it, dissatisfied in your surrounding environment. Saturn’s presence in your 4th house may force you to realize that your nomadic or carefree domestic lifestyle no longer serves you, or perhaps you’ve outgrown your family’s religious beliefs. Whatever the case, you will have to reassess your choices and decide what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Saturn in Sagittarius crystallizes your options for expansion to only one or two realistic ones. It also makes one realize that former philosophies are no longer true, hence the reason Saturn through your 4th may require you to examine your beliefs about your past and family.


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