Saturn in Sagittarius – 5th House Transit

The 5th house represents self-expression, creativity, joy, and ego. It also represents children, passions, and love affairs. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting H5 challenges the connection you have with your inner child; the ability to express yourselves, be creative, and enjoy the moment. It also can bring awareness of problems in relationships with your children or lover.

If Saturn is presently in your 5th house, you either have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are intense in ego, creativity, and self-expression. You may be very private about these matters, as well, but tenacious when it comes to your children, and passionate in love. Saturn’s presence can bring up control issues, warped ways you have developed about expressing your joy, or how you’ve cut yourself off from living in the moment.

Sagittarius-cuspers naturally enjoy play, sport, adventure, and probably spoil children! You are easy-going, perhaps to a fault, and enjoy different, even foreign experiences and lovers. Saturn’s presence may alert you that you’ve been playing the field to a fault, or not giving yourself or your kids enough boundaries, and you are spread too thin. You may face some questions about your past beliefs, when it comes to your talents and passions.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a transit that forces you to question your beliefs and where you put your faith. It also limits options to only the realistic few that you can then pursue. In H5, you may realize you practice unhealthy ego displays, or have talents that aren’t effectively used because you don’t have a realistic plan.


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