Saturn in Sagittarius – 7th House Transit

The 7th house rules committed partnerships, both personal and business. The cusp, the descendant, defines how you see others, and the type of partner to whom you are attracted. This sign also depicts how you act within relationships, and what you project onto partners. When Saturn crosses your descendant, your spouse may have a crisis, as this angle represents that person. For you, Saturn in Sagittarius transiting H7 will require you to re-evaluate your beliefs about partnership, balance, and identity within your relationships.

If you currently have Saturn transiting your 7th house, you have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the descendant. Scorpio descendants seek out a private, intense, magnetic partner, but project their own controlling behavior in a relationship onto that partner. Saturn transiting H7 will make your dysfunctional behavior in partnerships apparent, but be cautious you don’t project your issues onto the other person; own it before you take steps towards personal transformation.

Sagittarius descendants seek out adventurous, positive, easy-going partners who are philosophical (possibly religious), but you may project your own flaky behavior and oscillating opinions onto those partners. Saturn transiting H7 can bring up issues like infidelity or lack of commitment, which you may be tempted to blame on your partner, but it’s important you take credit for your part in the equation.

Saturn transits through the 7th either solidify a marriage or business partnership, or they end it to make room for someone who is more aligned with your true beliefs and values.



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