Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury stations retrograde and prepares for its three-week reversal on May 18th, at 13º Gemini. This is a sign Mercury knows well and can navigate through expertly, but how will it handle the notoriously awful retrograde period?

Mercury retrograde is a time of confusion, technological malfunctions, mishaps/delays in appointments and local trips, and a general time where communications experience breakdowns and schedules go haywire. The rule of thumb is to not sign any documents or make important plans, because they will likely go awry, however IMO this is unnecessary. Life should not be put on hold because of planets! However, double-check your paperwork during Rx times, and carefully read the fine print.

Mercury rules Gemini, and both are all about information. They like to communicate with and learn about the immediate environment. The Gemini area of your natal chart is where things may go awry until June 11th (when Mercury stations direct). This is where you will be required to re-check facts, and – if you got caught up in the Gemini tendency to “play” with the truth – may have to come clean.

After Mercury stations direct, you get a third pass to get it right. Retrogrades are like a remedial course for subject matter we didn’t learn properly the first time. When you look at them as second chances, they are more of a gift than a burden.


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