Personal Year and Progressed Moon

As someone who studies both astrology and numerology, I like when they jive. For example, the numerology personal year and astrological progressed Moon can reflect one another. Although these studies are different approaches to reading energy, it’s nice to see them line up!

In numerology, 9 is the magical number…you complete a full cycle every 9 years, and a smaller cycle every 9 months (even a mini-cycle every 9 days!). The personal year tells you what stage you are in, and is calculated by adding day and month of birth to the current calendar year.

The stages are described as follows:

1 – New beginnings, discovering independence and autonomy, creativity.
– Finding harmony and co-creating with others, patience, diplomacy.
3 – Personal joy, expansion, creative exploration, happiness, children.
4 – Work, building foundations, structure, setback, home improvements.
5 – Change, flexibility, travel, unexpected opportunity, dynamic energy.
6 – Love, family, home, commitment, responsibilities, balance of time.
7 – Solitude, spirituality, contemplation, retreat, research, quiet nature.
8 – Achievement, personal power, success, money/finances, recognition.
9 – Endings, letting go of the past, compassion, giving, clearing the decks.

In astrology, progressions are natal planets advanced by one day for each year of your life (and therefore move slowly). The progressed Moon changes signs every 2.5 years, and it describes the general emotional concerns and relationships we have for that time frame. For example, during Libra PR Moon, people are often concerned with having a partner, and want to keep their relationships harmonious.

The above example can easily correspond to a person in a 6 year, nicknamed the “marriage and divorce” year because it’s a time when relationships solidify or dissolve. For example, I experienced a PR Libra Moon during my last 6 year, and I had a long-term relationship end. My PR Moon changed into Scorpio, which is traditionally a difficult period, and I went into a 7 year, a time of retreat and isolation.

Because they are not on the same cycle, personal years and progressed Moons do not match up exactly. However, looking at both gives a more complete understanding of the current challenges one is facing, at any given time.


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