June 2015 Numberscope

What personal year are you in? Just add up your day and month of birth to the current year, and reduce. Example: I was born on April 13, so I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+5) = 4 + 4 + 8 = 16. 1+6 = 7. I am in a 7 year, so I would scroll down to the number 7 and read what lies ahead for me this month!


If you are in a personal year 1, then June is a 7 month for you. This has been a year of initiating projects and relationships you will tend to for the next 8 years, and that takes a lot out of a person. June is a time to rest from all the charging forward. Not only do you need to take some time alone to recuperate and do “you” – although some could argue the 1 year is all about you, it doesn’t feel like that at the time – but it’s also a chance to double check yourself and make sure you’re on the right path. May might have taken a lot out of you, responsibility-wise (the 6 month is about duties, home, and family), and now you feel the need to retreat and re-focus. July will be a time to charge forth again, rejuvenated and powered up, but for now hang back and pamper yourself. If you can, get out in nature to reflect; you are more aligned with the non-human world, right now, and it will give you the perspective you crave. The 1 year is inherently lonely as you seek independence, but this is par for the course; under the 1 influence we often feel challenged by people in positions of authority, because they are an outward projection of our personal struggle to “be our own boss” in life. At this point in the year you are likely feeling a little worn out by it. Take a hike, get a massage,  or stay in and read/journal.


If you are in a personal year 2, then June is a 8 month for you. This month will feel a bit more in line with the universal year, in that it gives a sense of powerful magnetism to you. An 8 month is one of manifestation, and finances tend to come to the forefront. So far, your year has been a slower one than last, and more focused on incubating ideas instead of unleashing them. May might have felt especially quiet, and you withdrew from the world for a spell, but now you’re back! June gives you a nice taste of the fruits of your efforts, which have mainly been focused on interpersonal relationships, in 2015; the 2 year is all about cooperation and balance. You will have your rewards, as long as you can show off your diplomacy skills and tact, this month. Gains come through cooperation and playing nice with others; perhaps you and your partner have been creating together and it pays off, or you have been practicing cooperation at work and now you are recognized for being a team player. July will be a time to put things to bed (a month of endings) and will likely be a bit emotional, so get out there and seize June.


If you are in a personal year 3, then June is a 9 month for you. Although your year has been all about creative self-expression and putting your own happiness first (and rightly so), June may hit you hard with the realization that it’s time to say goodbye to certain people, places, and things. This is a month of endings. In May you were likely kept busy reaping the rewards of your own diligence and making things happen. Now that the party is over, you must process everything that is over and done, and put the past to bed. This is easier said than done, but if you take the time to realize that your own life, creativity, and happiness must be paramount, you will see the importance in letting things go. Tears are an important part of the process, so don’t fight mourning the loss of the past when you feel moved. You will gain back your sunny optimism in July when you begin to see new opportunities, ventures, and gained independence. But you won’t be able to embrace your future until you have said a proper goodbye to your past.


If you are in a personal year 4, then June is a 1 month for you. After the turmoil of May, the upswing in energy June gives you will be welcome. This hasn’t been the most fun or easiest of years so far, I know; it’s more like trying to wade through quicksand. The more you resist, the worse off you become! The purpose of the 4 year is to slow you down and put your nose to the grindstone, do the manual labor, accept restrictions as contrast, and keep plodding through. May was about accepting the past, ending a few things, and moving on. June is a new start, however, with some opportunities for independence and revitalization you likely haven’t felt so far in 2015. Ride the wave of your enthusiasm to start new projects or get things underway with home renovations . . . whatever your plans have suddenly become. It’s healthy for you to work steadily, especially with your hands if possible, and see the beginnings of projects. Although their fruition might be well in the future, you can visualize the outcome, and that is enough for now to keep you motivated.


If you are in a personal year 5, then June is a 2 month for you. Let’s be honest: things have been a little cray in 2015. Unexpected changes in plans, travel opportunities, and even work/living switch ups are all par for the course in a 5 year. Hopefully by now you have learned to go with the flow and trust your gut, because if you haven’t and insist upon tightly clinging to your plans, things are going to get a whole lot worse. May was especially energetic; you began some new endeavors (perhaps some aren’t panning out but that’s ok, not everything is going to work). Perhaps you made some new connections, and in general had high energy with seemingly endless opportunities. June slows you down a bit. The focus here is on cooperation and relationships, which tends to rub the freedom-seeking 5 energy the wrong way. However, now is a time you can relationships/partnerships out of opportunities that came last month, although one caveat: don’t expect them to last forever. That’s not what your year is all about. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important or that you shouldn’t experience them. In fact, make that your motto for everything this year! Emotions will likely run a bit high this month as well, and you will get back to fun and adventure in July, but for now try not to use escapism to deal with feelings.


If you are in a personal year 6, then June is a 3 month for you. Are we having fun yet? Don’t worry, you will be in June. The 6 year is all about love… self-love, loving others, loved ones, and the responsibilities to loved ones. Also, the home in which one lives (and loves). Big year! May might have been a little tough-and-go, with a certain level of emotional turmoil attached to existing relationships. If the 6 year is about giving love, you are tapped out after last month. But June brings things back around to you: your needs, wants, and desires, and it’s a breath of fresh air! Now is the time to drop the heavy burden of what you deem as your “responsibilities” – a theme that will be with you all of 2015 – and just enjoy yourself. Have fun with loved ones, enjoy the nice weather, engage in creative projects for yourself, and in general lighten your load. July will bring all the duties back ‘round, so why bother worrying about all that now? Fun romance is not uncommon this month, and try to embrace it because the 6 year is sometimes referred to as the “marriage/divorce” year, in which partnerships are either solidified or ended. Now is your break from that seriousness.


If you are in a personal year 7, then June is a 4 month for you. What a strange year, huh? Quiet and solitude have become your two new best friends, which is good because they might be your only friends for now.  Well, that and work! You’ve dedicated your year to doing “you,” but in a different way than the bustle of a 1 year, or the inner-child connection of the 3. This is your time away from the world, which you need because you are re-assessing what life means, and re-evaluating your steps on the path. Lonely, yes, but really of your own choosing, because you need the isolation to contemplate bigger matters. May was a little break from all that thinking, and while you weren’t partying every weekend with your friends, you at least made time for a few BBQs with the family and pleasure reading instead of your regular research-material. June is a time to get back down to business, because even if you don’t feel like dealing with “real world” matters, they are going to deal with you. Finances might be an issue right now, as well as work in general. There may be some home repairs required (perhaps the plumbing?  “7” rules water…), and other such worldly affairs. Don’t let yourself get depressed in face of the common matters of life, however; this year, you have a helping hand from the spiritual world – whatever you believe it to be – and unexplainable sources of help/income are not uncommon right now.


If you are in a personal year 8, then June is a 5 month for you. Congrats! You are on the same page as the universal year, and therefore, this month will be a double-whammy of opportunities for career and financial gain. This is, in general, a powerful year of reaping what you have sowed over the last 7 years. An 8 year can be full of abundance or consequence, depending on what you have worked on all this time, but it’s always a magnetic one and your personal power is at its peak. You have already been seeing results and will continue to do so. May was a worker-bee type of month in which you had to just put your nose down and plod through, but you get a bit of a break from that in June. Not that your mind isn’t on business and finances – that can’t be helped this year – but if you just relax your grip for now, things will flow to you in unexpected ways. This includes money, yes, but also potential gains on the work front that put you in a better position for advancement. Now is the time for you to be noticed by simply being in the right place at the right time, but you won’t get to those places and times by ignoring gut feelings – not a month for adhering to your planner. Last-minute travel is also possible. A word of advice? Only say yes to what you really want to (not what you think you have to), otherwise you’ll just clog your time up and won’t make space for the really good breaks coming your way. July will provide plenty opportunity to get back to your responsibilities, so enjoy a bit of freedom now.


If you are in a personal year 9, then June is a 6 month for you. Was last month a bit hectic? Unexpected things may have come up in May, in fact, so many that you threw your planner up in the air at some point. This year has been all about the past, specifically, putting it to bed. Therefore you may be experiencing sudden emotional ups and downs, as people, places, and things from your past come into your present, for you to deal with and let go of. 9 years can be confusing, and occasionally depressing, but hopefully you got a bit of a break from that last month – the 5 energy tends to shake up the snow globe. June brings your focus round to family, home, and partnerships. A 6 month is all about your home responsibilities and duties to loved ones. This sounds like a no-fun number (perhaps like the 4 energy of April was?), but it is in fact one of the most attractive numbers of all; the focal point is on the heart, and when you open it everyone who loves you simply wants a piece of your time! It’s important in June to really focus on self-love. In a 9 year, this means recognizing all the ways you have blocked self-love over the last decade, and removing those blocks. You may do some beautifying as well (the number 6 is associated with Venus), such as a makeover or freshening your wardrobe, and that’s a good thing. Home-beautifying is also common now, and enjoying harmony within the family unit and your partnership. Be aware that the commitment-aspect of the 6 may force you to recognize relationships that are no longer serving you, and be prepared to walk away for your own sake, or at least cut the emotional cords. Although this month may take a but out of you, rest assured that July will be a month of retreat and solitude, so do take the time to open your heart up wide this month.


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