The Week Ahead: June 1 – 7

Mercury is retrograde all week. Neptune hits with a hard square from Pisces, putting stress on our ability to assimilate information, fogginess, and idealism. This tense aspect also touches the Gemini Sun/Mars, so be careful of deceiving yourself and others.

Monday June 1st (no planetary aspects).

Tuesday June 2nd may be intense, with the Sagittarius Full Moon. It all revolves around finding a balance between the world around you (Gemini) and what you want to explore (Sagittarius). Something may culminate in the Sag portion of your chart.

Wednesday June 3rd (no planetary aspects).

Thursday June 4th (no planetary aspects).

Friday June 5th sees the Venus Leo ingress and an exact trine with Saturn at a critical degree of 0º. This partnership represents the purity of each sign working together in fiery creativity, and a serious/committed stance with regard to relationships and finances.

Saturday June 6th, the Aquarius Moon forms a lovely mystic rectangle as it opposes Venus, in aspect with Saturn and Mercury. This is one of the best formations going around, as it uses the talents of the trines and conscious expression of the sextiles to reach a balance between the two oppositions. This can be a very creative and productive time, especially in relationships.

Sunday June 7th sees a Cradle formation as the Moon moves into opposition with Jupiter. Much like the mystic rectangle, this pattern is stable and makes use of talents, but adds Uranus’s innovative creative spark, and Jupiter’s hopeful expansion. The sky’s the limit, really.

The following week (June 8 – 14) will feature Mercury stationing direct in Gemini, and Saturn retrograde re-entering Scorpio.


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