Venus enters Leo

Venus enters Leo occurs on June 5th, commencing a transit that will last until October, due to a retrograde period from July 25 – September 6. Although she will briefly touch Virgo, Venus will be moving back into Leo after only one week.

Venus in Leo is showy affection, dramatic love, doing things BIG in romance, and attention poured into creative projects/children. It lights up the part of your chart ruled by Leo with warm, loving attention. Finances fall under Venus’s rule (assets are an outer reflection of self-worth), and Leo sees gain through creative endeavors.

An exact trine to Saturn (at 0º Sag) on June 6th stabilizes Venus, and allows both planets to work in harmony together, at each sign’s purest form. This degree is significant not only because it is a critical one, but because – as mentioned above – this is the degree in which Venus will begin its retrograde, later on. Saturn in Sagittarius is busy performing its own retrograde, keep in mind, so contacts from the past may be presented with this aspect.

Saturn offers Venus maturity and structure. This is excellent for cementing relationship commitments this weekend. More than that, it sets the tone for Venus’s transit through Leo. Time is a benefit when Saturn’s concerned, and Venus will have plenty of that in Leo, this summer. For now, enjoy Venus shining in the spotlight, and keep watch for any mentors/authority figures that come your way this weekend.



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