Mercury Stations Direct

On June 11th, Mercury stations direct, ending the retrograde period. Due to a square from Neptune, this has been a particularly confusing Mercury Rx; in fact, there have been a high amount of accidents during this retrograde.

We are still in the shadow period through June 27th:

May 4: Mercury direct entered the retrograde zone at 4º Gemini.
May 18: Mercury stationed retrograde at 13º Gemini.
June 11: Mercury stations direct at 4º Gemini.
June 27: Mercury leaves the retrograde zone at 13º Gemini.

The “shadow period” or retrograde zone is the range of degrees a planet forwards, backwards, and forwards again during a retrograde. So, from June 11 – 27, Mercury will moves forward through the degrees it previously hit (4º – 13º Gemini). What has required review in your life over the last several weeks? Look to Gemini in your chart. This is where you have developed a new, clear understanding.

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/nodes from 4º – 13º of the mutable signs, this Mercury Rx period was felt strongest.


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