Neptune stations Retrograde

June 12th, Neptune stations retrograde (9º Pisces), and the Sun squares Chiron (21º Pisces). That is a lot of sensitivity for one day! Check the Pisces area of your chart to see what’s going on there for you, personally.

Neptune is at home in Pisces, emphasizing imagination, visualization, and possibly escapism. Its 5-month retrograde period is an inner review period; there may be pain/confusion right now that requires you to step back. Perhaps your faith is wavering, or you are questioning what you put faith in at all. Clarity comes from intuition with Neptune/Pisces, and pay special attention to dreams during the retrograde (Neptune stations direct on November 18th).

The Sun squares Chiron, just one day after Mars squares Chiron. Mars may abrasively scrape an old wound that the Sun illuminates the next day. The key to this wound lies in the Pisces area of your chart, but also what was going on around March 7th, the first time Sun/Chiron made a connection? Did you have a newfound awareness of a vulnerability in your life? Perhaps you felt victimized by someone (Pisces is the martyr). The Sun and Chiron will come together again next year on March 10th, 2016 (21º Pisces), which may give you a resolution of this issue.

Although some won’t even feel the difference between Pisces Neptune direct and retrograde, you may if you have natal or progressed planets/angles/nodes from 7º- 9º of the mutable/water signs.

Planets/angles/nodes from 17º– 23º of the mutable/water signs will feel the Sun-Chiron square strongest.


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