Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since December 2014. It will retrograde back into Scorpio on June 14th, where it will remain until September. This summer is our final chance to master Scorpio lessons of power.

The initial Saturn transit of Scorpio began in October 2012, and involved lessons in the following areas: endings, power struggles, compulsions/addictions, sexuality/intimacy, death, debts/taxes. We had to take stock of the Scorpio region of our charts, our most private and secretive areas. This summer is one last look at these dark waters, before we leave them for the astral planes of Saturn in Sagittarius for good.

Key Dates:

March 14: Stationed retrograde at 4º Sagittarius
June 14: Re-enters Scorpio
August 2: Stations direct at 28º Scorpio
September 17: Re-enters Sagittarius

Saturn won’t move in Sagittarius again until September, but it will be in direct motion after August 2nd. For the six weeks it’s retrograde in Scorpio, expect to revisit some events that occurred during the initial Scorpio Saturn transit (2012 – 2014). Once Saturn stations direct in August, you’ll be able to move on and put these items to bed.

Saturn in Scorpio had a feeling of depression to it, as Saturn forced excavation of issues we normally keep in the dark. Don’t let yourself get into too much of a funk this summer. Remember, this is the final go-round.


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