Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon on June 16th is conjunct Mars (24º). New Moons are beginnings, and Gemini means juggling choices and information. With Mars in the mix, the energy is given a fiery boost: a just do it attitude.

In addition to the Sun, Moon, and Mars, Mercury retrograde is in Gemini; that’s a lot of mental activity, and your energy may be scattered as you figure out which seeds to plant. 25º Gemini in your chart is where new endeavors begin, possibly with a kick of sudden decisiveness. Ask yourself, “What do I need to communicate?” “How can I multi-task?” “What information do I need to organize and share?”

Same day as the New Moon, Venus in Leo forms an inconjunct with Neptune. A relationship compromise may be necessary, during this New Moon. Neptune comes into play again at the July 1st Capricorn Full Moon, forming a harmonious aspect to ease the tension between the Cancer Sun and Cappy Moon.

You may attempt many different things this New Moon. The Capricorn Full Moon will hone in on the few avenues that are realistic, and discard the rest.


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