The Week Ahead: June 15 – 21


Monday June 15th, the Moon hits Neptune with a tough square, and this morning may be extra foggy, with confusion in communications and feelings. Luckily, a sextile to Venus ensures things should stay pretty amicable.

Tuesday June 16th, the Gemini New Moon occurs, around noon EDT/EST. This is an excellent day for planting seeds, making wishes and, setting intentions: you may have many, as Gemini enjoys its choices!

Wednesday June 17th, Mercury trines the Lunar North Node, ensuring your thinking, speaking, and writing are in-line with your higher goals.

Thursday June 18th, the Cancer Moon may have people a bit sensitive, but emotional connections are solid, in the middle of the week.

Friday June 19th, the Leo Moon makes for a good celebration time, as well as a nice time for romance.

Saturday June 20th, the celebration weekend continues, but watch out for pride conflicts, with egos nice and healthy right now!

Sunday June 21st, the Summer Solstice occurs, and you can be appreciative of what you have nurtured over the past year, and decide what you would like to grow next.

The following week (June 22 – 28) will see some friction, so enjoy this creative time to brainstorm about your new projects. Welcome Summer!


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