Venus in the Shadow Zone

Photo credit: Lisa Runnels

On June 21st, Venus enters the shadow zone at 14º Leo, for her upcoming retrograde period.

Venus goes retrograde once every 18 months. It is a time for reassessing your existing relationships and finances. People from your past can resurface, you may reminisce about old partnerships, and issues in your finances come up. Generally, Venus retrograde is not a good time to start new relationships, major changes to your appearance, or large financial investments.

Venus in Leo is proud and demands attention. Her current transit will reach 0º Virgo, where she stations retrograde on July 25, and moves back into Leo through September 6. Something involving your pride will need to be reassessed, or perhaps something that glitters in your life is not truly gold, and you need to uncover this false idol before you can move on.

Here is a list of key events for Venus:

6/5: Venus entered Leo
6/6: Venus trine Saturn Rx (0º Leo)
6/16: Venus inconjunct Neptune Rx (9º Leo)
6/21: Venus reaches 14º Leo (retrograde zone)
7/1: Venus conjunct Jupiter (21º Leo)
7/18: Venus enters Virgo
7/25: Venus stations retrograde 0º Virgo
7/31: Venus Rx re-enters Leo
8/15: Sun conjunct Venus Rx (22º Leo)
9/1: Venus Rx conjunct Mars (14º Leo)
9/6: Venus stations Direct (14º Leo)
10/8: Venus re-enters Virgo
10/9: Venus leaves retrograde zone (0º Virgo)



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