Mars enters Cancer

woman-641528_1280On June 24th, Mars enters Cancer immediately following an uncomfortable aspect with Saturn Rx in Scorpio. Also on the 24th, Chiron stations retrograde at 21º Pisces. That’s a whole lot of watery sensitivity!

Mars is passive-aggressive in Cancer; directness is just too scary for the crab. However, it also acts with sensitivity and consideration. This is a Cardinal sign that initiates on an emotional level. Mars will remain in Cancer through August 8th.

What about the Wounded Healer, Chiron? It stations retrograde in the most empathetic of signs, Pisces. We explore old wounds in the vulnerable waters of the fish (look at 21º-16º Pisces in your chart). Chiron in Pisces remembers that it sacrificed for the greater good, and felt like a doormat. Or, it provided free therapy to everyone, but got nothing in return. This is martyrdom at its finest. Chiron stations retrograde for a five-month reassessment period of how it can heal from these old wounds: it will station direct November 28th.

The upcoming weekend of June 26 – 28 may be a quiet, solitary one, with Moon in Scorpio for you to contemplate emotional issues in your life. Sensitivities continue through the July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn, accompanied by various Chiron/Neptune Rx aspects: more about that to come.


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