The Week Ahead: June 22 – 28

Photo credit: Julie Nash

Monday June 22nd begins with Jupiter trine Uranus exact. Although it’s been building for weeks, the opportunities are wide open today. An industrious Virgo Moon ensures you’ll pay attention to details on this Monday morning.

Tuesday June 23rd has some tough aspects: Mercury square Neptune, and Mars inconjunct Saturn. The first will make itself apparent with confusion or deception in communications. The second will be an uncomfortable disconnect between action and authority.

Wednesday June 24th is pretty heavy, emotion-wise, as Mars enters Cancer, and Chiron stations retrograde (in Pisces). With Moon in Libra, you may be doing a bi-polar swing from all the sensitivity, or focusing extra hard on relationships.

Thursday June 25th, the Moon will be void of course through Friday afternoon, so although you may feel like starting things, best wait if you want them to last. However, if you get into any arguments under Libra Moon, at least the damage won’t last either!

Friday June 26th, Scorpio Moon takes over through Sunday night, so expect a quiet, contemplative weekend to do research, read astrology, or get intimate with your partner.

Saturday June 27th, Mercury leaves the shadow zone from its previous retrograde, so information/communication is moving into all new territory; you have lots of options and interests. A square between Sun and Lunar North Node puts your creative energy at odds with future directions. Are your ego needs preventing you from moving forward?

Sunday June 28th, Mercury inconjuncts Pluto, and if you feel frustrated or depressed, just know that it will only last the day.

Next week (June 29 – July 5) is heavy, with a Full Moon in Capricorn. Stay tuned!


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