Capricorn Full Moon: Goat vs. Crab

The dichotomy of Cancer/Capricorn is mother vs. father, home vs. career, child vs. adult. During the July 1st Full Moon, there is a culmination in Capricorn, or the patriarchal side of the axis. Capricorn is about responsibility, material success, and ambition. The bad side? Cold calculation. Control issues. Cutting off growth.

What you sowed during the Summer Solstice is what you will reap, now, and the key is balance; Cancer needs Capricorn’s structure and seriousness, and with Mars close by, creative growth is supercharged. Capricorn trims it down to an appropriate, shapely thing, and Pluto adds power. The threat here is a tug-of-war, if they can’t work together: Sun/Mars say “We want to create life,” and Moon/Pluto argue, “You’re out of control.”

Neptune Rx smooths things over, assisting from 9ª Pisces: it forms an exact trine/sextile with Sun/Moon. This adds a healthy dose of empathy to Capricorn so that it can find common ground with Cancer. Neptune ups your powers of visualization as well, so use it to take your endeavor to the next level. Think big, and find ways to bring your vision into a reality.

Now is when those Gemini New Moon ideas become real-world possibilities, or they are discarded. Capricorn can be pretty cutthroat. The nice thing here is that a few of those Gemini seeds will actually be taken seriously, so consider which ones you’ve been nurturing under Cancer’s influence.

Orbs (Natal/Progressed planets/angles/nodes):

8º – 14º of the Cardinal signs + Pisces will feel this strongest.


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