The Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator

Photo credit: Christine Sponchia

There are some interesting aspects from June 29 – July 1st (leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon). Venus joins Jupiter in Leo, and they trine the Liberator Uranus, and inconjunct Chiron in Pisces. See what happens when the Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator come together:

(Venus + Jupiter) in Leo = Expanding friendships, magnanimous love, extravagant spending, emphasis on self-pride, going all out in appearance, extreme feelings of self-worth.

6/29 – Trine to Uranus in Aries = Flow with your desire for freedom, self-expression, and originality. Uranus adds the element of surprise.

6/30 – Inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces = Chiron just went retrograde, and this doesn’t jive with the Venus/Jupiter agenda: the fish and the lion don’t have much in common. Examining old hurts, and at the same time, want to have an extravagant celebration about yourself? The key is adjustment. Allow your sensitive side to keep your larger-than-life affections in check. Maybe Chiron is projected onto someone you’re attempting to charm, and it’s uncomfortable for that person!


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