Mercury’s Path to the Crab

On July 8th, Mercury enters Cancer. But before it gets there, it makes six major aspects from Gemini, hitting nearly every other planet. Because it moves so fast, aspects only last about a day:

Sunday, June 28: An uncomfortable inconjunct with Pluto; your multifaceted ideas and quick words don’t jive with a restrictive overlord (your boss? Company? Government?). Luckily, it’s the weekend!

Thursday, July 2: A workable sextile with Uranus in Aries. Ideas are lit up with originality, and possibly a bit of genius. Yes!

Friday, July 3: A painful square to Chiron Rx, followed by an opportunistic sextile with Jupiter. The first leaves you (or someone else) reeling when information or gossip strikes a nerve. The second provides a chance for ideas to expand/multiply, and a good time for creative writing.

Sunday, July 5: A lovely sextile to Venus gives you the benefit of charming words. Great time for loving conversations with friends and family, or writing poetic love notes…

Tuesday, July 7: The final aspect: an uncomfortable inconjunct to SaturnYou want to talk about things Saturn is sussing up in the Scorpio part of your chart, but your words sound trite and glib. Gemini isn’t on par with Scorpio’s need for deep intimacy.

Wednesday, July 8: Mercury joins Sun in Cancer, and begins a time of thinking subjectively/domestically, and expressing yourself with sensitivity. (This is a great time to talk to your mom, btw!)


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