The Week Ahead: June 29 – July 5


Monday June 29th starts off with a nice Venus/Uranus trine, promoting originality and freedom in friendship and love. Moon in Sag only ups the good-feels and fun.  You might be late for work, but you won’t even care. In fact, you might decide to play hooky for no good reason!

Tuesday June 30th hurts with Jupiter inconjunct Chiron: you’re gearing up for tomorrow’s big show. Luckily, the Sag moon forms a nice, creative fire trine with Jupiter/Venus in Leo; use it to your creative benefit. Sag moon is void-of-course after 2pm EST.

Wednesday July 1st is the big hurrah. The Full Moon in Capricorn perfects at 10pm EST. Mars at 5º Cancer forms a T-Square between the North Node/South Nodethis may be a tough crisis to reconcile, because some action requires reassessment, before you can move forward on your journey.

Thursday July 2nd things settle down a bit, and Mercury forms a nice sextile with Uranus: you have the benefit of originality, and a touch of genius, added to your ideas and words. Capricorn Moon still promotes industry, so get to work.

Friday July 3rd is all about communication: Mercury forms a challenging square to Chiron, indicating that your words may pain to others (or vice versa). The morning might be touch-and-go, but the afternoon’s sextile to Jupiter gives your thoughts creativity and optimism.

Saturday July 4th is a great day for intellectual pursuits, doing your own thing, or blending in with the crowd, as Aquarius Moon is down for all of that. What not to do: things that put you in the spotlight (too uncomfortable for Aquarius), or anything that requires a lot of emotional expression.

Sunday July 5th, the Moon enters Pisces and Mercury sextiles Venus: a perfect day for chatting with loved ones. You’ll have charm and empathy, boundaries will dissolve, everything is copacetic. Enjoy!


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