July Loverscope

Photo credit: Ben Kerckx

What do the numbers say about your love life in July (or lack thereof)?  Let’s take a look. To calculate your personal year, add your day and month of birth to the current year, then reduce. Example: my birthday is April 13th. So I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+5) = 4 + 4 + 8 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. I am in a personal 7 year, so I would scroll down to number 7 to read what’s in store for me this month!


If you are in a 1 Personal Year, then July is an 8 Personal Month for you. In general, long-term relationships can be started in a 1 year, because you are initiating things that will be developed over a 9-year cycle. However, because this year is all about you learning how to be independent/exert your will, there might be some power struggles in either an existing relationship or a new one. In July, there is a culmination of some type, or going public. It could be that you let the world know you’re “in a relationship” (Facebook status change?), but it could equally as likely be a partner’s admittance to something they were hiding from you, and it could have to do with you being taken advantage of…sorry. If you aren’t attached, you’re in a good position to meet someone serious through work or business (the main focus of the “8” energy).


If you are in a 2 Personal Year, then July is a 9 Personal Month for you. This year is really all about relationships, so the coming month will be no different. 2 years are more for dealing with existing relationships of all kinds, rather than starting new ones. You’re learning how to exist in partnerships, the give-and-take, cooperation, co-creation, harmony. Of course, this is a process, so you likely experience plenty of moodiness and co-dependency (or possibly even abusive behavior) along the way: finding balance can start off in a see-saw effect. July is when you really have to cut the cord on bonds that aren’t working, anymore, which can be extremely emotional. You have to say goodbye to people/relationships you’ve outgrown, and move on. Try not to get too depressed about letting go, because you’re bound to be diplomatic/sensitive.


If you are in a 3 Personal Year, then July is a 1 Personal Month for you. 3 years are all about you, to be honest. You discovering yourself, your inner child, self-expession, personal creativity. It’s you doing you. Within the context of relationships, it’s about you learning how to be an independent, creative force within the relationship, and really learning to say, “This is me, love it or not,” and probably not caring so much where the chips lie. You may seek freedom/branch out, via “taking a break” from existing relationships, or at least seeking more time apart. July is a good time for meeting someone, if you’re not attached, but let’s get one thing straight: this isn’t a long-term thing. It’s a passion thing. If you are attached, take caution: you may be attracted to someone new this month. If you ultimately aren’t looking to have an affair, well, you’ve been warned.


If you are in a 4 Personal Year, then July is a 2 Personal Month for you. The 4 year in general is about setting foundations, so matches made this year are more serious, long-haul type of connections. You’re building in all areas, so if you are already attached then you’ll keep working on it, and if you begin seeing someone (a good chance you already knew them as a friend or work colleague), you will look at it as an opportunity with future potential. This isn’t meant to insult, but there isn’t much fun or unplanned about you this year! So, flings aren’t likely (unless you honestly thought it was going somewhere serious). July is an excellent time for romance because you are all about cooperation and diplomacy right now, and that translates to love well. You are super focused on work, however, so take caution against getting into a messy workplace-relationship.


If you are in a 5 Personal Year, then July is a 3 Personal Month for you. Um…whoopee? If there was ever a time for a shameless, carefree affair, it’s now. If you are unattached, go for it, have fun, wear protection. If you are attached, maybe try to steer that restless, freedom-loving, summer-crazy attitude towards rekindling romance with the relationship (rather than with someone else)! A 5 year in general is about switching things up, going with the flow, unexpected events/changes/travel/opportunities, and making some terrible decisions (hey, it happens). You could have a little of all of that in July, because this combo of turbulence and joy can lead to a such a brazen spiral of self-indulgence that you might end the summer broke, addicted to some substance(s), and with an STD. But hey, the memories you’ll have!  P.S. Not a meet-your-future-spouse month.


If you are in a 6 Personal Year, then July is a 4 Personal Month for you. Your year (heads up) is frequently referred to as the “marriage/divorce” year. That’s because the energy of the 6 is love + commitment: if your relationship is working, you’ll take it to the next level, and if it’s broken, it’s going to end. Kind of harsh, yes, but the whole point is to bring an existing partnership closer to a legal commitment, or make room in your life by weeding out relationships that don’t serve you anymore (or don’t match your level of commitment). This is also a year of duty to home and family. July is about getting back to those duties: people at home need you (elderly parents, your kids, your partner), and you have to make time for them. If you had a little romance last month, things will get more serious this month (possibly by being tested), or they will fizzle.


If you are in a 7 Personal Year, then July is a 5 Personal Month for you. What to say about romance this year? It’s not really part of the “7” vocabulary. Relationships really take a back seat to personal, isolated contemplation. The spirituality and concept of relationships might be all that is explored, this year, because you are taking “me” time to an extreme, discovering what your personal truths are (including what it means to be a partner, parent, child, friend, etc.). Family and friends might wonder where you’ve retreated to, or look at you like the lights are on but nobody’s home! In truth, you feel separated, foreign, and out of touch (sometimes lonely, but mostly just alone). July is the singular exception. You may have a taste of romance and excitement, if you choose to get weird, just to try something different. Or, you could end up just fantasizing it.


If you are in an 8 Personal Year, then July is a 6 Personal Month for you. This is your reaping year, in all areas, and you are more focused on business and finance. But July brings things back to home and family. You generally don’t start new relationships in an 8 year (unless they are a result of your success, in which case, gold digger much?), but you do experience the consequences of what you have (or haven’t) put into your existing ones. That means, if you’ve been devoted, July could be a wonderful month of love and caring between you and your partner (and family). If you’ve been a scoundrel, well, good luck in that case! Time to take your lumps. In general, July is a positive time to be recognized for all that you contribute. Remember to be loving now: an 8 year can make people too serious, cold, and harsh in their business-focus.


If you are in a 9 Personal Year, then July is a 7 Personal Month for you. This year is all about letting go: the past, excess stuff, and relationships you’ve outgrown. That’s an emotional process, so although you may not be tossing out your long-time partner, you still need alone time to deal with everything that’s coming up. July is that time. You need to do some solitary, meditative type of things, re-connect with nature, journal your feelings, all that jazz. Tell your partner you need space to re-charge your batteries when appropriate. If you’re unattached, you’re probably too busy contemplating the past to meet anyone in July. If you did meet someone earlier this year, it’s likely not a long-term commitment, although it may be a person you feel very relaxed/comfortable with (could be an old flame you’ve temporarily re-kindled). Part of your lesson this year is letting go, so eventually you will have to do the same with them – think on it, for now.


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