The Season of the Lion

Photo credit: Brin Weins

Although Venus is about to take a two-week tour of Virgo starting tomorrow (7/18), the Sun and Mercury will both be joining Jupiter in Leo, next week.  This is a time for honoring the self, stroking the ego, enjoying the limelight, and creative self-expression.

The Sun loves Leo. It rules the sign and there is no better place for it to shine: Leo is proud and loves the spotlight. The Sun’s heat is at its peak here in the Northern Hemisphere, and schools are closed because kids (and adults) just want to have fun! The Sun lights up that special part of your chart ruled by Leo, which is where you want to be noticed and loved for who you are.

Mercury, on the other hand, isn’t at its best here. Mercury is intellectual and logical, and in Leo it can rub people the wrong way: arrogant, boastful, know-it-all, bossy, and of course dramatic. Yet Leo Mercury has its merit when it comes to thinking creatively, and dramatic speech (excellent for public speaking or stage work).

On 7/31, Venus will re-enter Leo, making a total of four planets transiting this sign. That’s a lot of fire! There may be too many chefs in the kitchen, but try not to focus on what others are doing, and check your pride when things get tense.

Look at the area of your chart Leo rules to see where you’re focused. Jupiter has been in Leo since last July, encouraging growth and expansion in this area. Venus in Leo has been attracting attention/focusing on relationships and finances, and will go through a period of re-assessment here during the retrograde (7/25 – 9/6).

Enjoy the summer heat!

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