Horoscopes July 20 – 26

Photo credit: Flash Alexander



The Sun and Mercury enter your sector of self-expression, Aries,  and you want to be noticed here for being special.  Now is a good time to simply play and have fun, either immersed in your own creative hobbies, or with children and/or lovers.  Be proud of your natural talents, and soak up a bit of the spotlight here.  Venus reverses in your routine sector, causing you to re-think your relationships (including the one between your work/health), and scrutinize your finances, especially daily expenditures.  It may be time to consider how your personal habits are affecting relationship status, and who you are attracting.  Uranus turns around in your sign, provoking review of your self-image, body, and appearance.  Are you stuck in a rut?  What must you change or release here, to feel liberated?  How do you embody your individualism?


The Sun and Mercury put the spotlight on domestic life, Taurus.  You are the king in your own castle, and now it’s time to enjoy family (especially play time with the kids, or stay-in date night with your partner).  It’s also a good time to take pride in your home, and if that includes redecorating, or landscaping, have fun!  Venus reverses in your creative sector, provoking scrutiny of any new projects you’ve begun, and a review of passionate relationships (or with your children).  It may be time to ask yourself if you’re being recognized for creative talents, and specifically why/why not.  You might also examine whether a romantic partner is participating in give-and-take, or just taking advantage of your giving nature.  Are you being appreciated for your generosity?  When Uranus reverses, you may be startled at something that appears to come out of nowhere: this is because the planet is in your unconscious sector, liberating your secret desires and fears.


The Sun and Mercury put a spotlight on communication (something you already know and love, Gemini!); infusing a sense of pride into the way you articulate, and a need for recognition of these natural talents.  Verbal/written contracts and agreements may also take the spotlight.  Have fun with your siblings, neighbors, or at community events: you shine here, right now.  Venus turns tail, provoking review of domestic life.  How is your budget looking?  Examine family relationship: are you (or they) appreciated, or in servitude?  You might become detail-oriented regarding house renovations/repairs.  When Uranus reverses, your social life might suddenly feel passé: is your public image stale (think, social network sites)?  Do your friends, groups, or circles reflect the unique person you are today, and give you freedom to be an individual?  Think on it.


The Sun and Mercury light up your personal assets: now is the time to (think and) say, baby I’m worth it, Cancer!  You should be proud of your own value, and if others don’t give you the respect you want. . .things could get dramatic!  It’s time to decide if your income is appropriate to what you deserve, and to openly express your needs (financial and emotional).  Security and personal ethics take centerstage.  Venus reverses in your area of communication, sparking review of a verbal exchange, or written document/contract: the devil is in the details.  Did you catch them all?  A financial mishap may have you retracing your steps all over town, or a sibling issue returns (are you all give and no take?).  Uranus switches gears and provokes intense need for liberation and individualism in your career/professional image: at present, are you free to express yourself?


The Sun and Mercury enter your sign, and the world is your stage!  You’re already accustomed to demanding respect and adoration, Leo, but now you have a super-sized sense of pride in your appearance, body and self-image.  Enjoy, but try not to get too cocky!  Venus’s reversal may spur a careful review of finances or budgetary issues.  Did something come up that you overlooked the first time around?  You also may feel that a sense of servitude in the way you earn money, or your relationships with others, is lacking in self-respect.  Have your values been compromised?  Uranus turns around in your opportunities sector, spurring an intense desire for freedom/change via travel, education, or law.  Do you crave the unknown?  Have a sudden urge to experience something new, like a foreign culture?  Independence and growth are calling your name, but be wary of unexpected problems with travel plans, educational pursuits, or legal issues.


The Sun and Mercury shed light on secret desires, and hidden fears.  You may gain some insight into your subconscious, Virgo:  why you behave certain ways, including compulsions.  It all leads to a desire for recognition and appreciation (two things you selflessly may not demand, too often).  Something could come up seemingly out of nowhere that you must address, out of self-pride.  Perhaps you were ignoring it up until now, but you must be straight about it.  Venus reverses in your sign, provoking one of your favorite activities: self-improvement.  It could be appearance- or body- related.  Uranus’s reversal stirs up your intimate relationships (perhaps a sexual freedom issue), or a review of shared resources with a partner.  There may be sudden shifts in trust.  If unattached, you may feel like expressing your individuality via a random hookup.  Be forewarned!


The Sun and Mercury put the spotlight on your social life, Libra, and what could make you happier than that?  Time for fun with your circle of friends, and for you to garner attention through your public image (perhaps via social media).  Just call you Ms./Mr. Popularity:  you’ll be recognized for being authentic, and have the grace and good manners to pull it off.  Venus’s reversal might reboot a connection you thought was over, or at least put it up for careful consideration.  You may detect a confusing finance issue; some detail isn’t clear yet.  Uranus turns around in your area of partnerships.  An intense need for freedom and individuality in your relationship may spur some chaos, either in your own behavior or someone else’s.  The opportunity here is to let go of that which chains you, such as outdated partnerships, or whatever is growing stale.


The Sun and Mercury infuse a sense of pride, and desire for recognition, in your career.  Does your professional image earn you respect and attention, Scorpio?  You could very soon get recognition from superiors for your talents, so enjoy the limelight: it’s all for being your authentic self.  On the other hand, Venus reverses in your social sector, spurring a review of your public image.  You may have to reconsider whether you are earning attention (especially on social media) for being more subservient than you’d prefer.  Are your friends and social contacts giving in return for what they take from you?  If there’s money involved (especially in charity groups), go over the details.  Uranus turns, prompting an intense desire for freedom in your daily routine.  Are you stuck in a work/health rut?  If so, expect interruptions in your regularly scheduled program.


The Sun and Mercury shine some energy on your opportunities sector, and honestly Sag, is there anything you like more than expanding horizons?  Didn’t think so.  You’ll get both attention and recognition for your pursuits in travel, education, law, or spiritual beliefs.  And (of course) new opportunities to grow!  Venus’s reversal could put a hitch in professional endeavors, and force a closer look at something career-related, even though details are not your favorite thing.  Review budgets at work.  You also may have to scrutinize your professional image, and relationships in your career (are you feeling more like a servant than an employee, lately?).  Uranus changes course, and intensifies your need for freedom of expression.  How about romance, Sag…are you in a rut?  It may be time to consider if your hobbies give you personal freedom and individuality.


The Sun and Mercury highlight your intimate relationships, Capricorn.  It’s time to get playful in the sack, and/or express yourself openly and authentically when it comes to intimacy and sex!  This is also a key time to open up – possibly in counseling – about private psychological matters.  Or you may begin a new fun hobby like astrology or tarot!  Shared resources, taxes, and debts may also come up, along with creative solutions.  When Venus reverses, you may have to scrutinize a legal matter, or hitches in the details of travel plans.  Perhaps you missed something involving a college fee?  Time to review what you overlooked in an opportunity, or long-distance relationship.  Servitude isn’t everything.  Uranus’s turn spurs freedom and independence issues, at home.  Do you need to blow the dust off?  You might be considering a domestic move or separation.


The Sun and Mercury light up your partnerships, Aquarius!  Time to talk frankly about your relationship, but also to have some fun and perhaps enjoy a little recognition, as a couple.  If it’s a business partnership you’re looking at, then now is your moment to shine together!  Venus reverses, and you may have to take a detailed look at a tax or debt issue.  Also, it’s time to review your intimate relationships, and consider whether you feel more like a servant in the bedroom (or a virgin, if you haven’t been getting any!).  Your ruler, Uranus, turns around in your communication sector, intensifying your drive to speak from a place of originality.  There might be something unexpected that comes up, regarding siblings, or in your neighborhood.  It’s a good time to reconsider whether your avenues of expression allow you to feel free and authentic.


The Sun and Mercury turn a spotlight onto your daily life, Pisces.  It’s time to be open about any health or work issues, and find creative solutions, especially if you aren’t being recognized and appreciated.  Venus reverses in your partnership sector, spurring a review of issues in your relationship (or a marriage/divorce legality).  Time to take a look at whether you are an equal partner, or if you act more like a servant.  Past relationships may be up for review, as well, so don’t be surprised if an ex reaches out.  By the way, you’re not bankrolling a business partner, are you?  Careful.  Uranus turns tail and upsets your sense of security, through your own desire for independence and liberation.  Or a sudden issue involving your assets/finances may arise.  Either way, you are feeling restless when it comes to old, rote traditions.


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