Venus Rx 2015

Photo credit: bertvthul

This Saturday, Venus stations retrograde at 0º Virgo. Venus will be retrograde from July 25 – September 6.

So what typically occurs during the (approximate) 40 days of Venus Rx?

  • Review of your relationship/financial issues
  • Old relationships rear their heads/old lovers come find you (yikes)
  • Revisiting self worth/love issues
  • Reconciling with old loves, or getting closure
  • Reconsidering your appearance and who/what you attract to yourself

There’s a lot of “re-s” in there, because planetary retrograde is: 1) an internalization of its energy, 2) an intensification of energy, and 3) a review of that planet’s issues. Venus represents how you give and receive love, your material things, your appearance, and what you are attracted to. Venus retrograde isn’t a good time for new relationships or drastic changes in appearance; you’re better off taking stock of what’s already in your life.

Venus entered Virgo on July 18th, where she began to doubt, scrutinize/analyze relationships and finances, and she got more practical and humble about displaying love and affection. If you paid attention to the questions that started popping into your head, you have an idea about what will require revisiting during her retrograde period. On Friday, July 31st, Venus will re-enter Leo and may lead you to the following questions:

  • What am I attracting/attracted to, and why?
  • What do others notice me for?  Is this what I want?
  • Are my relationships true, or are they just for show?
  • Am I using my finances/buying property for the right reasons (a.k.a. because it’s good for me and my family), or because I want to appear a certain way to others?
  • Do I get respect in my relationships with others?  If not, why?

As you can see, there are a lot of pride/image issues here, and that’s because of Leo’s inherent ego. Anything you have started or been working on in love, pride, appearance, relationships, and finances since June 21st will likely require another look, so keep that in mind.

Whatever you do, don’t fear the retrograde! A lot of bad publicity goes into them, and they needn’t be so bad, if you can trust your gut and express yourself with authenticity and self-respect. That’s what Leo is all about, and this is an opportunity to tell it like it is, should any old flames come a-knockin’!  But be prepared to learn the lesson, if you’ve been overly concerned with appearances:  All that is gold does not glitter.


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