Uranus Rx 2015

Photo credit: Foundry Co

A day after Venus turns tail, Uranus – the Awakener – will follow suit and station retrograde, at 20º Aries. The Rx period: 7/26 – 12/25. Our sense of freedom, individualism, independence, and unique qualities are under review. Uranus Rx intensifies a need for liberation, and asks: What baggage can be cut? One can’t pioneer into fresh territory with dead weight. Uranus in Aries can be violet, sudden, unexpectedly aggressive. You may have to withdraw completely from someone or something in order to gain a sense of liberation.

This makes for a total of six planets retrograde (counting Chiron). Three of the five remaining direct planets are in Leo. What an odd juxtaposition! Leo is all about living in the moment, and Rx planets are taking stock of the past, reviewing. I think the key message here is to “do you” for a while, at least until more planets transit into Virgo (the sign that lives to serve):

Mercury enters Virgo 8/7
Jupiter enters Virgo 8/11
Sun enters Virgo 8/23
Mars enters Virgo 9/24
Venus re-enters Virgo (direct) 10/7

If all this retrograde internalized (and intensified) energy is dragging you inward, and backward at times, the purpose is so you can fully integrate the past into your present. This will later allow you to move forward with no holds barred (incidentally, after Christmas all planets will be direct again). Right now, Leo reminds us that we are wonderful, worthy, and deserve adoration as we are. This is an important self-esteem message to keep us happy in the moment, even as the Rx planets drag us backward.

Station Direct dates:
Saturn ~ 8/2
Venus ~ 9/6
Pluto ~ 9/25
Neptune ~ 11/18
Chiron ~ 11/28


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