Horoscopes July 27 – August 2

Photo credit: Angelo Luca Iannaccone


The Full Moon culminates something social for you, and a public announcement or recognition is likely within your circle of friends (perhaps in social media). As this corresponds with Venus Rx re-entering your creative sector, there may be ex-lover involvement (or pregnancy!). Financially, you may have a bit of luck with an old creative endeavor. Venus Rx has you asking, Why am I not being acknowledged for my self-expression? Sun inconjunct Neptune makes the disparity more obvious, between your secret vision and how you are currently attracting attention. Although uncomfortable, all this helps you to re-align with what you truly desire in self expression (also, hobbies/children/lovers). Saturn stations direct and you can move on from a psychological lesson that began its journey in Fall, 2012: a physical/emotional intimacy issue, a death, or a financial struggle (debts, taxes, etc). Jupiter is presenting self-expression opportunities (hobbies, passions), as it has been for almost a year, but Saturn’s building square forces you to open your eyes to what’s real and what’s not.


The Full Moon in your career sector culminates something regarding your professional image, or recognition in the work place. This corresponds with Venus re-entering your domestic sector, so it may affect your home life or family. Relocating for a new job? Financially, you may have to put some money into an old house repair. Venus Rx may have you questioning whether your efforts at home are being acknowledged appropriately, and Sun inconjunct Neptune makes the discrepancy between ideal wishes and at-home realities all the more uncomfortable. You have an opportunity here to re-align with what you truly desire for the future, through creative changes/speaking from the heart, at home. Saturn stations direct, allowing you to move on from a personal or business partnership issue that began in Fall, 2012. Jupiter continues to present growth on the home front, but Saturn clashes, forcing you to recognize realities of your partnership won’t make every domestic opportunity feasible.


The Full Moon culminates an education or travel opportunity, or makes a legal issue public. Venus Rx has you reviewing a verbal/written project or contract, so make sure the fine print is on point (especially regarding finances). You may have to revisit a communication, sibling, or neighborhood issue, to boot, as Venus Rx has you going over previous miscommunications. Sun inconjunct Neptune adds an element of discomfort by illuminating a discrepancy between your immediate environment and career ideals. Time to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, and find a systematic approach to realizing your professional vision. Saturn stations direct, allowing you to put to bed a health- or work- related issue that’s been cramping your style since Fall, 2012. Jupiter creates opportunity in your community, written endeavors, and communication style, but Saturn puts defined limits on them via the rigid structure of your daily schedule.


The Full Moon brings to light a psychological, or intimacy issue, that you may have been keeping close to the chest. Coinciding with Venus Rx revising your personal concept of self-worth, there may be a revelation of your feelings within an intimate relationship. Financially, a debt, tax, or shared resource with a partner, could be highlighted. Venus Rx has you questioning personal assets/values, and the Sun in this sector inconjunct Neptune in your area of opportunities, presents an uncomfortable disparity between resources and your dreams for expansion through travel, education, etc. It’s best to take this opportunity to make a budget in order to realize your dreams, rather than just feel bad about yourself! Saturn stations direct, ending a lesson you’ve been learning since Fall, 2012 regarding a personal hobby or creative endeavor, children, or romance/lovers. Jupiter expands assets, while Saturn enforces limits via responsibility towards your personal projects, or children.


The Full Moon illuminates a relationship, possibly solidifying/going public with a partnership (or divorce). With Venus Rx re-entering your sign, it may be a revisitation of an old flame. Or, consequently, you may be officially “splitting” with someone so you can have more “me time” to re-center. Venus has you reviewing your self-image, body issues, and appearance in general (or financial issues that surround these areas), and the Sun’s inconjunct to Neptune in your intimacy sector makes an uncomfortable disconnect obvious, between your personality and who you want to be in intimate relationships. Take this time to work on becoming whoever you visualize yourself as, within the context of emotional/physical intimacy. Saturn stations direct, and you can finally move on from a family- or home- related lesson, or domestic restriction, that began in Fall, 2012. Jupiter seeks expansion for your image/appearance/personality, yet Saturn imposes limits via home and family responsibilities.


The Full Moon illuminates a work or health issue, or something involving your daily personal habits you’ve been doing unconsciously. With Venus Rx traveling back into your hidden sector, this may involve a fear you were previously unaware of, or ignoring. Does it surround an old (possibly very old) relationship? It may be time to come to terms. Financially, you may be looking at unconscious spending habits. The uncomfortable inconjunct between Sun and Neptune makes the disconnect between your ideal partnership and your own secret desires (or fears) apparent. Now would be a good time to retreat, as you’re extra prone to projecting your own inner issues onto a partner. Saturn stations direct, ending a decision you’ve been working on since Fall, 2012, involving verbal/written agreements or contracts, a communication restriction, or a sibling issue. Jupiter magnifies your hidden desires, while Saturn puts the clamp on some of them from your arena of logical thought.


The Full Moon brings something personal and creative public: perhaps an artistic pursuit, a lover, or even a child! Venus travels back into your social sector, so it could be that a connection with an old friend flames a new romance. Financially, it’s time to take another look at your spending habits when out with friends/social expenditures. It’s also time to review how you’re getting attention in your social circles/on social media (your public image), and a friendship- or group- related issue may come back around. The Sun-Neptune inconjunct puts discomfort between your future hopes, and your daily perfectionist self with regards to work, personal habits, and health. Now is a good time to adjust your wishes for the future to work with your daily schedule, and vice-versa. Saturn stations direct, and ends a lesson you’ve been learning regarding self-worth, stability, and personal assets, since Fall 2012. Jupiter seeks to expand your “Why not?” attitude for the future, while Saturn financially sets limits.


The New Moon highlights domestic life (home and/or family) – perhaps a move? Venus Rx’s return to your career sector indicates that another look at a professional issue may prompt it. Financially, it may be time to review your earnings. Venus asks how you are getting attention at work, and issues in your relationship with superiors may re-surface. Are you involved in an office romance? The Sun inconjunct Neptune makes a discrepancy between professional life and fun/romance uncomfortable: this is an opportunity to adjust what’s going on in your career to meet the vision you have for self-expression, children, or other life passions. Saturn stations direct, completing a personal lesson or restriction you’ve been dealing with since Fall, 2012, involving your body, self-image, or appearance. Jupiter seeks out opportunities for you on the career front, or involving professional image, but Saturn limits growth here based on your personality and physical restrictions.


 The Full Moon illuminates a choice, finalizes a verbal/written contract, or publicizes a message/decision you’ve made. A sibling or neighborhood issue may come to a head. Venus Rx reviewing your opportunities means it may have to do with going back to college, revisiting a foreign culture/another country, or reopening a legal issue. Financially, you’ll have to take another look at how to afford these endeavors. Venus questions long distance relationships, and asks how you receive attention for your “culture” (experience in travel, education, etc). Sun inconjunct Neptune makes it uncomfortably clear that you’re current explorative energy doesn’t jive with home/family ideals. It’s a good time to re-align yourself closer to your vision of a perfect domestic situation. Saturn stations direct, putting an end to a hidden issue you’ve been dealing with since Fall, 2012, involving unconscious motivations. Jupiter provides opportunity to expand horizons (travel, culture, education), and Saturn limits the ones you may take advantage of through your own secret fears and desires.


The New Moon brings to light something to do with your finances or security: it may involve debts and how your own earning/spending affects them, as Venus Rx dips back into your shared resource sector. This might also signal a self-worth issue coming to light, within the context of an intimate relationship. Are you being valued? Venus asks you to reconsider intimacy in general, and a sexual partner may resurface to prompt these questions. Financially, you may be reviewing money owed or money shared with a business/personal partner. Sun inconjunct Neptune makes the disconnect between your ideal communication, and what’s actually going on in your intimate relationships, uncomfortable. It could also mean a detail that’s not quite right, regarding debts. Saturn stations direct and ends a restriction you’ve been dealing with since Fall, 2012, in your friendship circles, public image (or social media sites), and future wishes. Jupiter offers intimacy choices, but Saturn limits them through your social contacts.


The New Moon illuminates something having to do with your self-image, body, or appearance. Your face may be in the paper! With Venus Rx backing up in your relationship sector, it could be the reappearance of an old partner that provokes a sudden self-realization. Venus has you going over relationship issues in your personal and business partnerships. Financially, it may be time for you and your current partner to sit down and look at the joint accounts, and Sun inconjunct Neptune means for you, there is discomfort between what’s going on here and your personal ideals/assets/security. Saturn stations direct and allows you to move on from lessons you’ve been learning since Fall 2012, in your professional life. This involves career, relationships with superiors, and your professional image. Jupiter attempts to bring you opportunities in your personal or business partnerships, and Saturn limits these choices through career responsibilities.


The Full Moon brings something that was hidden or unconscious for you, to the surface. It therefore, may appear to come out of nowhere, yet on some level you were instinctually aware of its existence. Venus Rx backing into your routine sector means it could involve a health issue, work relationship, or something surrounding your daily habits. Venus asks how you receive attention in work relationships (co-workers, office relationships), and any health issues that put you in the spotlight. Financially, you’ll be going over daily expenditures. Sun inconjunct Neptune means there’s a disconnect between your personal habits and your ideal self-image: this is an opportunity to make the daily adjustments needed that will get you to the physical place you envision (body and appearance wise). Saturn stations direct and ends a lesson you’ve been dealing with since Fall, 2012, regarding opportunity, higher education, long distance travel, or the law. Jupiter attempts to bring opportunity to your daily life, work, or health habits, and Saturn restricts your options based on legalities or school/travel obligations.


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