Jupiter Square Saturn

Jupiter square Saturn has been building for weeks, and will perfect on August 3rd, at 28º Leo/Scorpio.

Jupiter and Saturn are opposites; Jupiter presents opportunity and Saturn limits them. Jupiter grows and Saturn prunes it back. Both planets will be in direct motion, for this transit. Jupiter is near the end of Leo (entering Virgo on August 11th), and Saturn is wrapping up in Scorpio for good.

So what? Jupiter is still offering options, growth, opportunity. It’s being tailed by a few inner planets (namely, Mercury and the Sun), and confused Venus Rx headed its way (they will meet on the 4th). Jupiter is still a heavy presence in Leo, magnifying the smaller planets, encouraging you to flaunt what you’ve got in the area Leo rules in your chart: create, play, be generous.

Saturn in Scorpio has taught you something about the dark side of life. The lesson has been absorbed, and Saturn is soon to move forward into fun-loving Sag (Jupiter’s fav sign). When it squares Jupiter, it wants to set limits on your choices. The square is a jarring aspect, so these limits are set in a way that may feel restricting to you, rather than clarifying.

Maybe it’s not as pretty a picture as the King of the Gods and Father Time swinging each other around like Maria in The Sound of Music, but it’s still not a bad deal: so you have to choose an option that you can make into a reality.  Is that so bad?


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