August 2015 Numberscopes

To calculate your personal year, add your day and month of birth to the current year, then reduce. Example: my birthday is April 13th. So I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+5) = 4 + 4 + 8 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7. I am in a personal 7 year, so I would scroll down to number 7 to read what’s in store for me this month!


August is a month of endings. July was a high-power month, a masculine energy, one that manifested fruits of your labors. August is neutral “waning” energy that compels you to move on from the past, especially anything you’ve been dependent upon. Do not blame others for their unreliability: you attracted lack of support this year to learn independence, so accept it. Be willing to let stuff and people go, and do it without holding a grudge. You can’t be a leader if you’re leaning on everybody: it’s time to move away from those who you rely on so heavily, because in truth, you don’t need them. Likewise, you may see something from the past you thought was over and done, return to you, revived. This is a good month for cleaning out the closets and donating/tossing stuff you don’t need in your life, anymore. Allow emotions to run their course.


This is a month of new beginnings, especially involving relationships and cooperative efforts. Last month was a bit trying and emotional, as you had to put to bed some of which you’ve been working on for a while. It’s hard to say goodbye to people, especially when you’re trying so hard to improve and grow upon your relationships. This month you may make a few changes, even meet someone new: either as a potential partner or (more likely) a new friend. If any month that you will be in the running to start a new love connection, though, it’s this one (and it won’t be a flash in the pan). You may begin some projects in August, but they will be things that require group effort or collaboration with another person. Now is a time to realize your independence and power within co-creative situations. Don’t attempt to manipulate if you aren’t getting your way: just be your unique self, and add what you can.


You just came off a month of beginnings, independence, and power, and now it’s time to address relationships and cooperation. Not the most comfortable thing for you during a year of celebrating yourself: things may get emotionally turbulent. This is a time to reassess all relationships, especially your part in them, and to put aside your ego (if possible) in one-on-one collaborations. Can you? Do you feel that other people weigh you down with emotional burdens or expectations? How can you bring your sense of fun and creativity to partnerships? Co-creation was never better than in this situation, if you can focus without compromising your energy. It is possible to lift others up to your level without sinking down to theirs (because you’ll resent them and that’s not their fault, it’s yours). You need not do anything but be joyful – feel your way through this month. Use tact and opt for balance in all things, and peace.


It’s been a tough year, I know. Two steps forward, one step back. Last month may have been emotionally draining, as you were required to address duties within relationships and work towards group goals. This month offers a bit of release, in the form of pure fun. It’s time to get back to what brings you sheer joy in the moment, and do some of those things. If you have kids around the house, it’s a great time to play with them, go on outings, and just have a good time. Enjoy summer days and nights with friends, or see some movies. If you have been ignoring some of your personal creative projects due to other obligations, get back to them in the spirit of brainstorming and inject new life into them. This is a good time for putting work into a written or artistic project, for example. You’ll feel both inspiration, and the desire to put effort in.


It’s a crazy year, lots of change, lots of unexpected stuff, and you are concerned with your personal liberty. Last month may have been especially wild: new romance? Gambling? Partying? Only you know what shenanigans ensued. This month, it’s back to business. There may be a feeling of obligation tying you down, weighing on you, perhaps something you will soon regret that you agreed to take on. Did you not get all the information, or perhaps didn’t really think things through? It could simply be that unexpected events have occurred since you agreed to it, preventing you from properly preparing. You have a sense of chaos that must be put to order (especially at home). This is a great month for organization. Re-creating structure will help alleviate the stress of trying to navigate unchartered territory in your duty/work, or unexpected home issues.


Last month was a bit of a slow one, with delays and possibly home-related issues. Now is your time for action! This is when it all comes together. There will be unexpected things happening, but go with the flow, and everything you want will turn out. Likewise, if current situations aren’t your best interest, they may unexpectedly be cut off. You are in a year of duty to family, and this is quite an attractive year: relationships solidify to marriage, shaky partnerships dissolve to divorce, and new homes are found/beautified. August is quite a significant month within that year: you may purchase the home now, get engaged, or one or both of you may call it quits by the time the month’s through. Or more than one of those items. Breathe, let yourself be pulled with the tide, and remember that you’ve been working on self-love all year: now is when your outer environment changes to match your inner one, and it’s all for the best.


By now, you’re used to reflection, as a year-long theme. While last month may not have been very “crazy” in the grand scheme of things (it’s a quiet year, in general), the theme of personal freedom likely came up as something for you to think about. This month, the theme to reflect on is love. This includes how you love yourself, and how you love others/receive love. Are you happy with the way things are now? How have you exchanged love in the past? Is your current situation acceptable for the long-term? If not, it’s time to think about what behaviors to change, first and foremost towards yourself. The ultimate goal, if there is one this month, is to take responsibility for all that you have attracted – good and bad – and then forgive others. If you criticize, blame, or control others, you bring that to your own doorstep, because deep down you are holding onto guilt. It’s time to let yourself off the hook, love unconditionally, and heal.


This has been a powerful year, and last month you had to focus on home and family duties. August allows you to retreat, for a short amount of time, and “do you.” Now would be a good time for reflection, getting out into nature, taking baths and getting a massage to work the knots out of those muscles. The reason for all this is you’ve gotten off-center in your pursuit of goals. There may be some bit of knowledge you need before you can move ahead. Ironically, you will only get there by stepping back, listening to your gut, and observing. Take a pause – it won’t be forever – and analyze what you’re doing, and where you’re going. You need time away from other people’s energy to get down to what you truly want, so take it. This is not a month of action, but research and gaining knowledge are both useful activities this month, to get you back on track.


Last month you may have been quieter than usual, getting out in nature and reflecting. You feel a rise in energy in August, and there will certainly be some things coming to fruition this month – possibly even a monetary gain and/or a career recognition – and completion of certain projects. But because the theme of this year is letting go, you may find that some of what you reap isn’t all you thought it was cracked up to be. There is a sense of longing for something bigger and a realization that you’ve been living your life for others. Your gains could be bittersweet, because although you have a sense of pride in completing a project, you realize it was built on a foundation of trying to please someone other than yourself. This is all part of the process of ending a 9-year cycle, and next year you will begin a new phase of your life that is about your independence. You will gain some wisdom in August that will help shape your future desires.


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