September Transits and Numberscope

Venus retrograde stations direct on 9/6 (at 14º Leo), so we can all move forward in love, friendship, and finances. From this point on, you will gain clarity on any issues you’ve been reviewing in these areas.

There is a Solar Eclipse on 9/13 at 2:41am EST (at 20º Virgo). All New Moons are a fresh start, but an eclipse is like a supercharged-version. If you’ve been lacking inspiration to get working on a new project, or can’t seem to grasp hold of the practical details necessary to make a dream into a reality, this is the energy you’ve been waiting for!

There are three transits occurring on 9/17: Saturn enters Sagittarius (until 2017), Mercury stations retrograde (at 15º Libra), and Jupiter opposes Neptune.

The last week of September will be jam-packed: Sun enters Libra on 9/23, Mars enters Virgo on 9/24, Pluto stations direct (at 12º58′ Capricorn) on 9/25, and there is a Lunar Eclipse (at 4º Aries) on 9/27.

I’d like to fondly mention to Wayne Dyer, who passed this week: The world has lost a great spiritual teacher.

September Numberscope

In order to calculate your Personal Year number, simply add your birthday + month to the current year.  For example, if you were born on April 13th, you would add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+5), which reduces to 4 + 4 + 8 = 16.  Reduce again, and you have 1 + 6 = 7.  This person is in a seven year.

September is an interesting month in Numerology, because its corresponding number – 9 – makes it a wash, so to speak.  (Anything added to 9 reduces back to itself.)  So September is always the “double energy month.”  This is a full-on experience of whatever personal year you are in, and is a pivotal point in the year.  For example, when I was in a personal 6 year (often called the “marriage/divorce” year), my long time boyfriend abruptly ended the relationship right on September 1st!  Ouch, that double “6” energy was a doozy, that year.  But back in my personal 3 year (personal creativity/expansion year), September marked my first semester in a new university, pursuing a degree in Creative Writing.  How appropriate is that?


The double 1 energy of September may be stressful, but you have an opportunity here to come into your own power and authority.  In August, you ended a 9-month cycle, and now you are beginning a new one.  Although your year of finding your individualism, strength, and inner guidance is coming to a close, you have a few months left to explore these themes.  I’d recommend laying them in concrete, as next year’s challenges in relationships and cooperation will only be harder and more painful if you haven’t found your inner power by the New Year.  This month, you may be called upon more than any other point this year to stand on your own two feet; that means challenges that require you to rely on yourself, and yourself alone.  The more you look to others, the more you will be sorely disappointed (something you’ve no doubt experienced already, this year). To be frank, my last 1 year September was quite stressful: I was in a difficult new management position at work, going to a new college full time, and in a new relationship where I received very little sympathy/emotional support for it all!  But it’s true: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


So far, this year has been mostly about laying low, and learning to put your personal needs aside for the good of the group or relationship.  September is no exception (in fact, you’ll feel it double).  August began a new cycle, and you will soon be in a new year that asks you to explore what excitement and creativity mean to you – a.k.a. you’ll be able to do “you” in the coming year – but there’s a few more months to explore teamwork, cooperation, and ultimately how you participate in co-creation with others.  September may be emotional and trying, as you experience personal let downs (already had your fill of that this year, I know…), or find yourself in situations where you must put your ego/personal needs aside for someone else, or for a group.  The key here isn’t to beat yourself down, but to learn how you can simultaneously fulfill your own needs and others’ through cooperation (not codependence).


Hopefully, you had a fun summer!  (I went traveling all over the country by myself, in my last three year.)  Somewhere in the middle of that summer fun, you began a new cycle, and have been contemplating/visualizing a new direction for yourself, that expands your personal creativity and self-expression.  Now is the time to really go all out with that concept.  You have plenty of time left this year to explore, brainstorm, and get messy.  This is really going to come alive in September, so get out your vision board and go crazy – don’t edit or restrict yourself, as much as your inner critic may want to.  You are getting all the ideas out now, and will be able to refine them later.  Next year will be about establishing foundations, so make some castles now, under which you can build next year.  I did a lot of writing in my three year, about things or situations I desired to do/have/be, and many of them manifested over the next few years almost to the letter!


This has likely been a trying year, that feels like you have been running under water.  My last four year was like moving through wet sand!  But you really are doing the work and going through the motions that are needed for the future, even if you can’t see it yet.  September is more of the same, and you may see a few setbacks this month that require you to put some systems in place (like budget, or even a long term diet/fitness regime).  The good news is these new systems or organizational techniques will benefit you for years to come, so bear down and do it!  Example: the plumbing goes in your house, and you have to pay for a new system.  Seems like another “problem” right now, but not only will you invest in a new plumbing system that will be hassle-free for years (peace of mind), the budget you must now create to pay back the debt will become a successful savings system you use for years.  Typical four scenario!


Things could go – either way – this month, as they basically have all year!  Well, not really, but you’re learning a bit about choices and consequences in your turbulent five year, and things will come to a head this month for better or worse.  For example, last 5 year, I agreed to a temporary work assignment without doing all my homework about it, and as the time came closer to it, I grew more and more anxious that I’d made a mistake in accepting it (I wasn’t being trained properly, I had a stressful death in the family, etc).  I didn’t speak up, though, not wanting to rock the boat.  Finally, September came around, I was in the middle of the assignment, and pardon my french – but it was an absolute shit show – and it became apparent I was not told the truth about it, nor going to receive aid.  I finally had to speak up, and the ramifications of backing out at that point were pretty big: I was essentially blacklisted until the day my employment ended.  The positive?  It showed me my mistakes in not speaking up for myself at the start, plus I realized the true nature of my management and company (I am very happy to no longer be working in that environment!).


I already told my tragic six-year story above, and won’t retell it here, but needless to say September is a pivotal time in your marriage/divorce year.  Don’t be surprised if you or your S.O. solidify the commitment or call it quits, depending on where the relationship is headed.  In my case, I was blindly twisting myself inside out to make something work that I was very committed to, and didn’t see that the other person was not committed and wanted out.  Ultimately it wasn’t healthy for me, as my partner wasn’t a supportive or even very kind person, but at the time I was just shocked and very hurt.  What happens this month for you is for the ultimate good, because if someone is in your life that isn’t good for you, you need to make space for healthier, happier relationships.  On another note, this is also the home-moving year (I bought a house my last 6 year), so keep that in mind.  I used wall-painting and decorating as post-break up therapy in my 6-year September!


The seven year is a quiet one, from an onlooker’s point of view, yet you are making great strides on the inside.  You’ve been contemplating, doing research, and looking at things from a spiritual side, all year.  This is going to get even more intense.  I am in this cycle, and it’s been an extremely introverted/restful year, which was much needed to be honest, and I expect dreams will become more intense this month and flashes of insight will happen.  It’s that strange combo of intuition and science that comes with the seven energy!  Also, people may wonder if you fell off the face of the earth.  This is the most significant time to spend in nature, alone, in retreat, and if possible pampering yourself (baths, massages, whatever gets you into that meditative/surrendering state).  Nine years ago in my 7 year September, I found Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now for the first time, and it is one of the most memorably spiritual times of my life.  Right now, I am discovering Bashar, and he is totally blowing my mind.


This is a “power” year, focused on success and money.  Eight is great, and you’ve likely been reaping the rewards for what you’ve been working on not just for the last seven months, but the last seven years.  Likewise, long-term consequences for things you have ignored can crop up.  These aren’t the immediate consequences of the five energy, but rather physical manifestations for your larger energy patterns.  To be honest, I had an awesome 8-year September, in my last cycle.  I received my first college degree that I’d begun seven months ago (although, they had really started seven years prior at the first university I’d attended, but never finished).  With that proudly accomplished, I applied and interviewed for a job that was better/in a nicer environment than the previous job I’d began (yup, seven) years ago.  They offered me an even better position based on my work experience!  I also spent the month stencil-painting my old bedroom in my parents’ house, which not only came out beautiful (I was quite proud!), it’s still there, after all these years.  Bottom line?  You get what you deserve, this month!


A year and month of endings.  This can be an emotional roller-coaster of a time.  You are in a year of saying goodbye and putting things to bed that you began eight years ago, and also in a month of doing the same thing, regarding things you began in January.  Expect tears, sudden sometimes, as your body emotionally releases all these feelings.  The more you try to hold onto people/places/things that are drifting away, the worse it is going to be.  You’re learning the lesson – the ultimate human lesson, if you ask me – that change is the only constant, and while energetically you are always connected to everyone and everything, on this physical plane nothing lasts forever.  Like the Frozen song, keep telling yourself “Let it go, let it go!”  Also from a Feng shui point of view, now is a good time to physically let go of material things, donate to charity, take stuff to the dump, and do a nice fall cleaning of your home.  The universe loves a void, and if you want to begin the process of allowing new energy into your life (you will next month, and majorly next year), you must make space.


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