On the Brink: Saturn enters Sagittarius

So far in September, Venus went direct in Leo and we had a Solar Eclipse in Virgo yesterday. Both of these indicate this is a time to move forward, and get started on the practicalities of new endeavors. Look to 20º Virgo in your chart to understand what’s beginning for you, specifically.

September 2015 is significant on an even deeper level. There’s been a buzz about this month bringing world-changing events: some religions believe a rapture/apocalypse is nigh, scientists indicate environmental toxins have reached a tipping point, and several spiritual leaders have stated this month will bring an ascension/commencement of the time of awakening. All three of these have a transit in common: Saturn enters Sagittarius on 9/17.

This is the start of major expansion. Re-structuring of higher education, scientific advances (especially astronomical discovery), and a breakdown of religious conventions. In Saturn’s fashion, this Sagittarius transit will reveal global challenges that can no longer be ignored.

Spirituality will also be highlighted. Some teachers, like Matt Kahn, say that as much as one third of the world will experience an enlightenment at this time. There are channelers that assert from 2015 – 2017, many changes are slated to take place, including the first official contact with an alien species. Many of our scientific laws and firm beliefs about the universe may be challenged during this transit.

The last week of September, we will have a couple ingresses, Pluto will station direct in Capricorn, and the coup de grace is the Lunar Eclipse in Aries on 9/27. This falls right in line with the 9/23 and 9/28 dates of the “rapture” or “ascension” people are talking about, and Aries is indeed a sign of beginnings. Aries pertains to the self, and the Full Moon is a culmination of all that building September energy.

What an exciting time!


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