A Step Forward

Tomorrow is a big day! Saturn enters Sagittarius, Mercury stations retrograde in Libra, and Jupiter opposes Neptune. Meanwhile, the waxing moon is in Scorpio, so emotions are already intense.

Mercury retrograde again! Everyone just loves this three week period. In 2015, all the air signs were hit by Mercury’s retrograde (this one, from 15º – 0º Libra, will be the last). In Libra, expect relationship communications to go awry. Pay special attention to what was said/heard/written from August 28th until now, because that’s the zone for what will require review during the Rx period (9/17 – 10/9). As always, read the fine print twice on any contracts or written documents during Mercury Rx, but especially anything pertaining to a partnership, business or personal (including divorce paperwork!).

Some people put such things off during a retrograde period, but I advocate going with your gut, and reading carefully. People will be less apt to make a decision with Mercury in Libra, let alone during the retrograde, so it may be frustrating if you are on the other side waiting for someone else to proceed.

Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. The planet that expands boundaries is in a stand off with the planet that dissolves boundaries. This pairing doesn’t have the tension that others might in a 180º angle, because Jupiter is easy going, and Neptune is accepting. In fact, this energy could be one that lifts you up and out of the Virgo microscope. Neptune reminds us of the bigger picture and to be accepting. It really depends on the houses they are transiting as to what it means for you, personally.

*BTW, I don’t typically write about the asteroids, but Juno enters Libra on this day as well. Juno represents relationship commitment, and issues of infidelity/inequality. In Libra, Juno should be super-hyped in relationships: extra inclined to commit, but also quick to note when give-and-take is off kilter. Juno will be in Libra through December 9th, 2015.


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