Wake me up When September Ends

This has actually been quite a lovely month, don’t you agree? A little hot for my pansies, but I guess that’s why they’re called pansies.

September 2015 marks a time of great energy shifts for many people on the planet. We are coming down to the wire, now, approaching some significant dates (particularly tomorrow – 9/23 – as the supposed apocalypse date!). I have also hear 9/28 as being a predicted day of ascension.

Here’s what to expect, astrologically, in the last days of September:

9/23: Sun in Libra marks the start of the Libra season, which lights up the Libra area of your chart, and focuses on partnership, harmony, and social graces.  There tends to be more waffling on decisions – especially through 10/9 this year, when Mercury stations direct – but also, more politeness and diplomacy.

9/24: Mars in Virgo begins a time of action in the Virgo section of your chart. Health, work, personal habits, and daily schedules are emphasized, as well as details. This is a good time for some self-scrutiny to determine what could be improved upon, but don’t go crazy and lay on the judgement too harshly.

9/25: Pluto stations direct at 12º Capricorn. I found this hilarious article by astrologer Suzi Dronzek, that likens Pluto Rx to constipation, and Pluto direct to finally being able to…release!

9/27: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aries, at 10:50pm EST on 9/27.  Did you know, incidentally, a Solar Eclipse is always followed two weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse? The Solar Eclipse was on 9/13 at 20º Virgo. A Lunar Eclipse is a super-charged Full Moon, and if it occurs in a significant area of your chart (on a planet or angle), that degree will be re-activated by coming transits for up to a couple years. At 4º Aries, this Eclipse is an intense push forward; Aries is the initiator and runs ahead of the pack, into unchartered territory. It marks a time of new beginnings and desire for new challenges, but be cautious of impulsiveness and aggressive behavior.


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