Blessed Mabon

It’s officially Fall!  “Mabon” is the traditional Pagan celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. I had to look it up (got the next one down: Halloween is called Samhain). It’s officially time to purchase a completely unnecessary hay bale for the porch, and some gourds and pumpkins. I really look forward to Fall, and not just for the pumpkin carve-o-rama that ensues. I love every minute of it, the leaves, the brisk weather, the baking…

Today is the start of Libra season, and Mercury retrograde in Libra is causing some miscommunication in one-on-one relationships and excessive waffling on decisions. Bipolar Libra in full effect! In addition, Sun is sextile Saturn at 0º Sagittarius. This is a beneficial relationship between the two, where time, wisdom, and experience assist in the achievement of personal goals.

Tomorrow Mars enters Virgo, accompanied by two transits. The first is Sun conjunct North Node at 1º Libra: personal goals are in line with your forward path. The second is Mercury square Pluto: communication is challenged by authority. These two only last the day.

Happy Fall!


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