Pluto in Capricorn

Today, Pluto stations direct, at 12º Capricorn.

It takes Pluto around 248 years to go through one lap of the zodiac. Pluto has been traveling through Capricorn since November 2008, and will be there until 2023. Pluto’s job is basically to destroy everything. Like the mythical Phoenix that rises from its own ashes, so must we rebuild in the wake of Pluto. In Capricorn, it brings transformation to conventional authority and structures, such as government, religion, and economy (it’s no coincidence that the stock market crashed the year Pluto entered Capricorn). We are becoming aware of corruption of power in many institutions, and long term effects on the environment (Capricorn’s resourcefulness will likely lead us to new energy sources before this transit is through).

While Pluto revolutionizes our concepts of authority and economy on a large scale, it also has something to teach each of us, individually. Look to your chart to see the house Pluto is transiting. When Pluto completes a house transit, this area of your life is usually unidentifiable from when Pluto first entered said house, because it has gone through total transformation.

For example, when Pluto crossed over my Midheaven, I had major life transitions. My live-in boyfriend and I split, I moved, and ended up quitting my job of 6 years to go back to school full time. I earned a degree, and got a better job in a completely different industry. Over the next 8 years I went back for two more degrees, and now I’m in a new field again. My H10 Pluto transit will be officially over in 2017, and it’s been a wild professional ride!

Pluto is in retrograde motion (appears to be moving backwards in the sky, from our Earthly standpoint) about 5 months out of the year. When a planet is retrograde, its influence is more internalized and intensified. After it stations direct, what you learned during the reflective Rx period can be applied to your outer world.


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