Saturn in Sagittarius – 9th House Transit

The 9th house rules over faith, spirituality/religion, higher education, and experience with foreign cultures. It is where you seek expansion and opportunities for growth. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting this house will challenge your personal philosophies and spiritual ideals, and may also bring up issues regarding college/higher education, and long-distance travel.

If you have Saturn in your 9th house currently, you have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are private and intense, regarding faith/expansion issues. Spirituality is very personal and deep for you, and you could be very devoted to a religion. Saturn’s presence may shake you up quite a lot, if it has you questioning your faith. You could make some big changes during this transit, once you let go of your tenacious grip on current beliefs.

Sagittarius on the cusp of H9 will make you very inquisitive about education, faith, and foreign cultures. I have this placement, and I have been back to college a multitude of times. Foreign languages and people from other countries fascinate you, and you may change religious practices. Saturn’s presence here could challenge your current spirituality, course of higher study, or ability to travel if you’ve planned to go abroad.

As a society/planet, we will have to deal with changes in faith, scientific study, higher education, etc. If you are experiencing Saturn transit in your 9th house, it’s likely that these universal issues affect you on a personal level. In addition, though you may feel your opportunities are limited at the start of this transit, they will ultimately open up to the realistic avenues of expansion for you.


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