John of God

John of God is a healer from Brazil, who performs blessings and psychic surgery (also called “spiritual intervention”) by channeling healing energies known as The Entities. He came to the Hudson Valley region last month and I had an opportunity to see him. Some people go because they have health problems and are looking for real healing; there’s stories of terminal illnesses going into remission.

This event was just after the Aries Lunar Eclipse so it was significantly timed, but I was slightly worried because the Moon was Void-of-Course until almost 3pm that day. It is said that anything began during a VoC Moon comes to nothing.

I received a blessing by John of God in the morning and was told to come back for a spiritual intervention at 2pm. This made me nervous, but there was a delay of about an hour before the interventions began. Apparently John of God’s energy wasn’t aligned until the Moon was no longer VoC and had changed into Taurus!

There are a few things about this sign difference. Aries is quick and violent, Taurus is calm and deliberate. People have been known to spontaneously bleed after John of God’s psychic surgeries, and in a Moon phase like Aries that would be possible. But in Taurus, healing energy integrates itself more slowly and deliberately.

Any alterations made by John of God under the Taurus Moon will take more time to reveal themselves. They require the long term dedication of the individual receiving them. After a spiritual intervention there are guidelines to follow: complete rest for 24 hours, no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for 8 days, no alcohol, spicy food, sexual arousal, or energy work for 40 days. They say half the work is done by John of God and the entities, and the other half is up to you.

During my spiritual intervention I felt a deep, calming energy. I didn’t feel anything drastic or physical (happily), but when I walked out of the tent it was almost like I couldn’t hear anything; sound was muffled. It was a serene feeling. Afterwards, I went home and slept on and off for a full 24 hours, as instructed. The first week I continued to follow instructions, not doing any of my normal exercise or yoga, and refrained from heavy lifting. Now I am waiting until November 8th (when the 40 days of healing is over), and following all the rules carefully, before drawing any conclusions. I have already seen some positive changes in my life.

There are three significant Astrological events occurring on November 8th as well, which is an auspicious end to the 40 John of God days!


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