The Lunar Transit

The transiting Moon in astrology rules over emotions and the general public. It takes about 28 days to complete the Lunar transit, therefore the Moon changes Zodiac signs every 2.5 days. Because it moves so fast, the aspects it makes to other planets are fleeting and only applicable for a few hours. Understanding Moon signs, phases, aspects, and void of course times can help you plan events more efficiently, because you’ll be working with the general emotional atmosphere.

  • Sign: Describes the way emotions are being universally experienced. During Aries Moon, people tend to be more impatient and brash. During Aquarius Moon people are emotionally detached and scientific-minded. This article provides appropriate activities to plan for each Moon sign.
  • Phase: New Moon is best for initiating, waxing Moon for growing, Full Moon for culminations/going public, and waning Moon for edits and revisions. Here’s a Moon Phase Calendar with full phase descriptions.
  • Aspects: Trines and sextiles to other planets are helpful, squares and oppositions are challenging, conjunctions work as one with the Moon, and inconjuncts require compromise.
  • Void of Course: When a Moon is preparing to leave a sign and enter a new one after all major aspects have been made, it is said that things you begin will come to nothing. Your time is better spent working on existing projects and relationships, via edits, revisions, etc. This period can last from a few minutes to daysThis article is excellent for understanding/planning with VoC Moon.

Planning Examples

Sign use: You’re planning a party for the weekend after next, trying to choose between Friday or Saturday night. The Moon will be in brooding Scorpio on Friday, and moves into light-hearted Sagittarius on Saturday. If you want people to be in high spirits and have fun at your party, choose Saturday!

Phase use: You need a hair trim, but would like to grow it out. The Moon is waxing until the middle of the month, so choose a day during the first or second week; new hair grows faster if trimmed during the waxing phase (so do plants).

Aspect use: You choose a morning during the Capricorn Moon to hold a business meeting, but see the Moon squares Neptune at 10:30am. You’d be best moving it to the afternoon when the Moon is clear of Neptune’s influence; people may daydream or be unable to understand you clearly, in the morning.

VoC use: You’re going on a date Friday night, but the Moon will be void of course all evening. If you go out that night, the relationship will likely come to nothing, so choose another night if you want it to last. If you just want some fun, by all means, go during the void of course Moon!


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