Moon Report for November 2nd

Bonnyb Bendix



Waning all week.  Last Quarter: Tue 11/3 at 7:23am.

Waning Lunar phase is best for wrapping things up, conservation, and getting rid of things. Not a good time for starting new projects or presenting to groups.

Sign Changes

Monday 11/2: Enters Leo 10:47am. Leo Moon is good for creative self-expression, being in the spotlight, and spending time with children. Pride, egotism, and stubbornness can be a problem.

Wednesday 11/4: Enters Virgo 9:22pm. Virgo Moon is good for detailed or service-oriented work, organizing, and tending to one’s health. Seeing the bigger picture, criticism, and stress-induced illness can be a problem.

Saturday 11/7: Enters Libra 10:14am. Libra Moon is good for partner activities, beauty procedures, and social events. Indecision, vanity, and mood swings can be a problem.

Void of Course

VoC in Cancer: Mon 11/2 until 10:47am.

VoC in Leo (over 24 hrs): Tue 11/3 @ 8:46pm until Wed 11/4 @ 9:22pm

VoC in Libra: Sun 11/8 from 9:42pm on.

Do: Work on existing projects, spend time with established social connections, edit/revise, find lost objects, get rid of excessive stuff, sleep/rest.

Avoid: Beginning new projects or relationships, going to job interviews, making important decisions, and completing major purchases.


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