Progressed Moon in Scorpio

Today, I thought I’d share a personal story. Presently, my progressed Moon is in Scorpio AND natal 8th house. Either of those is a difficult time period of around 2.5 years (for Scorpio), and anywhere from 1-5 years (for 8th house). I’m about halfway through.

Scorpio transforms things by burning away that which is false or excessive, and then rising anew from the ashes. That’s a difficult process for the Moon, which represents how you feel secure. In Scorpio that security is going to go through crises, until you’re only relying on that which can’t be burnt away.

My PR Moon entered Scorpio in summer of 2014, and entered my 8th house in winter of 2015. I experienced a tough transition. I bought a home that came a lot of debt (Scorpio/H8 rules debts). About the same time, I was the victim of slander by work colleagues/management (Scorpio power issues), and subsequently my boyfriend ended our relationship. I then had to take a temporary leave from work due to extreme anxiety (Scorpio intensifies everything).

When PR Moon entered my 8th house in the new year, things did not improve. In February, I had a burst pipe destroy much of my home, and found out my cat had cancer. She died just two weeks later. In April, I was fired from my job of eight years due to a Facebook post that was misunderstood by Human Resources.

I wasn’t sorry to leave that particular company, but I was sad to lose friends who were co-workers, because apparently that friendship didn’t extend outside the office. But there’s a silver lining in everything: I was embarrassed at that blotch on my work experience, so instead of going out and interviewing for new jobs in the same unsatisfying field, I made a hobby into a self-employed business. And instead of explaining myself to people that weren’t supportive, I decided to let them think whatever they want and move on with my life.

Scorpio can be brutal after an easygoing Libra transit, because it scours your life until all that remains is the essentials. I wasn’t happy with several facets of my life (deep down under that PR Libra Moon facade), so when Scorpio Moon took over, it got rid of everything false I was clinging to: my relationship, co-worker friendships, and career. Now, I do something I love every day, I rely on myself for support which is empowering, and I care much less than I used to about others’ opinions.

It wasn’t all bad stuff: I started this blog and my YouTube channel when things were tough, as a way to cope. Both were good creative outlets I could exercise control over, when everything else seemed spiraling out of control. In the end, they have lasted when other stuff fell away. That’s the beauty of Scorpio: the phoenix that is reborn again and again.

What Progressed Moon stories do you have to tell?


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