The Week Ahead: November 8 – 15

The Week Ahead: November 8 - 15

Monday November 9th, Sun trines Chiron/inconjuncts Uranus. Intense focus on a goal helps heal an old wound. However, something unplanned forces you to compromise.

Tuesday November 10th, Sun sextiles Jupiter. The mundane details of your work become of the utmost importance today, and are key to an opportunity. Mercury sextiles Pluto, emphasizing the significance of details, and opportunities that arise from focused work.

Wednesday November 11th, NEW MOON in SCORPIO. It offers a fresh start for something you can dedicate yourself to completely, in order to transcend the ordinary superficialities of daily life. NORTH NODE enters VIRGO.  The Lunar North Node moves backwards from Libra to Virgo, and our path forward becomes one of habitual work, and selfless service to others.

Thursday November 12th, MARS ENTERS LIBRA. The planet of action goes into sign of deliberating and weighing options until Mars enters Scorpio on January 3, 2016Mars conjuncts North Node: Actions are line with your path forward. Mercury trines Chiron/inconjuncts Uranus. Words heal for you and/or another, but may bring up some unexpected topics.

Friday November 13th, Venus sextile Saturn. A mentor or older person provides an opportunity. A wonderful day for catching up with an older friend or relative. Mercury sextiles Jupiter: Speaking or writing about the details of taboo subjects (sex, death, occult) is the thing, today.

Saturday November 14th, Venus inconjuncts Neptune. Relationships are not seen clearly, between Libra’s ideals and Pisces’s rose colored glasses.

Sunday November 15th (no planetary aspects).


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