Moon Report for November 9th

Monday Moon Report for November 9th
Photo by Gerhard Gellinger


This week features a New Moon at 19º Scorpio, on Wednesday, November 11th. This is the same day the Lunar North Node enters Virgo, and therefore new beginnings are double-infused with Scorpio’s concentration and Virgo’s precision. Intensity + work. Dedication + perfection.


Waning until New Moon. This Lunar phase is best for wrapping things up, conservation, and getting rid of things (a dying phase). Not a good time for starting new projects or presenting to groups.

New Moon 19º Scorpio: Wed 11/11 at 12:47pm. New Moons are a time for setting your intentions to begin new projects and/or relationships in the coming month (the conception phase). Not a good time to go public with an idea/project.

Waxing after New MoonThis Lunar phase is best for developing stages of projects, affairs, and businesses (a growth phase), such as brainstorming. Not a good time for editing work, consolidating, or conserving energy.

Sign Changes

Specific daily aspects to other planets are in italics.

Monday 11/9: Enters Scorpio 11:02pm. Scorpio Moon is good for intense focus, emotional/physical intimacy, and psychological or occult work. Vengefulness, obsession, and depression can be issues.

Thursday 11/12: Enters Sagittarius 10:13am. Sag Moon is good for generosity and fun activities, including sports, parties, and traveling/exploring different cultures. Lack of precision, tactlessness, and excess can be issues. Moon conjuncts Saturn/squares Neptune on this day: beware of substance abuse.

Saturday 11/14: Enters Capricorn 7:21pm. Cappy Moon is good for business, adherence to rules, responsibility, and connections with elders/superiors. Emotional distance, rigidity, and being overly ambitious, can be issues. Moon conjuncts Pluto on this day: Excellent for emotional power and self-control.

Void of Course

VoC in Libra: Mon 11/9 until 11:02pm. (Over 24 hours, from Sun 11/8 @ 9:42pm)

VoC in Sagittarius: Fri 11/13 @ 10:18pm until Sat 11/14 @ 7:21pm

During a VoC Moon…

Do: Work on existing projects, spend time with established social connections, edit/revise, find lost objects, get rid of excessive stuff, sleep/rest, meditate.

Avoid: Beginning new projects or relationships you want to last, going to job interviews for which you want the position, making important decisions, and completing major purchases.

(Also: during VoC Moon, anyone who would make an attempt to create a problem for your existing projects/relationships will not be successful).


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