The Week Ahead: November 16 – 22


Monday November 16th (no planetary aspects).

Tuesday November 17th Sun conjuncts Mercury at 24º Scorpio. A day of getting a job done thoroughly. You’ll be able to tune out any distractions, and see through the BS. Remember to get up and stretch, now and then!

Wednesday November 18th, NEPTUNE direct in PISCES. If you have anything significant between 7-9ª of the mutable signs in your chart, then the fog lifts today!

Thursday November 19th (No planetary aspects).

Friday November 20th, Mercury sextiles LUNAR NORTH NODE. The ability to concentrate will help you complete detailed work, this morning; especially anything related to organization or health. MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS. Mercury in Sag means big-picture thinking, sports, and fun-orientation. Venus square Pluto. Relationships may be tense today, especially with the boss. If your plans are foiled or everything feels out of your control, just remember: TGIF.

Saturday November 21st, Sun sextiles North Node. Yesterday morning’s focus and intensity is repeated, today. The Sun at 29º is Scorpio frantically trying to wrap up everything that Scorpio does: obsessed over a project you can complete, today, and it will propel you forward.

Sunday November 22nd, SUN enters SAGITTARIUS. It’s officially Sag season! Let the party start. 😎


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