Moon Report for November 16th



Waxing all week.  First Quarter: Thu 11/19 at 1:27am. This Lunar phase is best for developing stages of projects, affairs, and businesses (a growth phase), such as brainstorming. Not a good time for editing work, consolidating, or conserving energy.

Sign Changes

Tuesday 11/17: Enters Aquarius 2:24am. Aquarius Moon is good for group activities, intellectual/scientific pursuits, and trying new/unusual things. Rebelliousness and being overly eccentric can be issues.

Thursday 11/19: Enters Pisces 7:21am. Pisces Moon is good for psychic or therapy work, imagination, or spiritual pursuits, and in general just very go-with-the-flow. Substance abuse/escapism, evasiveness, and over sentimentality can be issues.

Saturday 11/21: Enters Aries 10:12 am. Aries Moon is good for competition/challenges, starting new projects, and being assertive/direct. Aggression, selfishness, and abrasiveness can be issues.

Void of Course

VoC in Capricorn: Mon 11/16 @ 3:52pm until Tue 11/17 @ 2:24am.

VoC in Aries: Sun 11/22 @ 2:15pm on.

During a VoC Moon…

Do: Work on existing projects, spend time with established social connections, edit/revise, find lost objects, get rid of excessive stuff, sleep/rest, meditate.

Avoid: Beginning new projects or relationships you want to last, going to job interviews for which you want the position, making important decisions, and completing major purchases.

(Also: during VoC Moon, anyone who would make an attempt to create a problem for your existing projects/relationships will not be successful).


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