Yearly Numberscopes 2016

To calculate your personal year, add your day and month of birth to the current year, then reduce. Example: my birthday is April 13th. So I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+6) = 4 + 4 + 9 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8. I am in a personal 8 year, so I would scroll down to number 8 to read what’s in store!


A year of beginnings. You are starting a new cycle, and are exploring new relationships, situations, career paths, hobbies, etc. This year will require you to step up, stand on your own two feet, and find creatives solutions; you are being challenged to discover your independence and authority. Expect little help or mollycoddling from others this year, because you are learning skills that are required for the coming cycle. Do not waste time on frivolities or people who do not resonate with you! This year sets up your direction for the coming decade.


A year of cooperation and patience. This is a low-energy year that focuses on relationships of all kinds, and creating harmony between people. Your ego and personal agenda take a back seat to group or partner needs. Do not expect vast strides in career or professional goals, but you will discover the power of a strong network. You may be called upon to mediate others. You are learning the skills of diplomacy, playing nice with others, and patience! Partnerships take priority this year. Feelings are explored, and emotions may be up and down.


A year of personal expression and discovering joy. Your creative needs are the focus this year, and other’s needs rightly take a backseat. You get back to personal goals/objectives and seek creative expansion; this is a brainstorming phase, you discover what gives you happiness. A year of conceiving/birthing creative endeavors (perhaps actual children), expanding horizons, and expressing your true self. If you discover you are not on a path that gives you joy, you may shift directions in career, relationships, and other areas.


A year of foundations and work. This is a slower year, during which you may feel frustrated with lack of progress. You are setting up necessary systems and structures, and laying real-world foundations under your dreams. Practical and structural matters take top priority, as well as home and family. Moving or doing home improvements is likely, and family issues come up. Personal health requires regular attention, such as a diet or exercise regime. Any life changes made are to increase stability, which is your ultimate aim this year.


A dynamic year of change. This is a high-energy year that promises surprise, but also opportunity. Mid-way through your cycle, the five year shakes up your world like a snow globe, and the only way to navigate is to go with the flow. You will be led by serendipity to fortuitous events and beneficial connections, provided you stay present. Unexpected travel is common, as is spontaneous romance. Unanticipated gains can occur, but be wary of overindulgence. Roll with the punches rather than dwell, if you make a major mistake/incur a loss.


A year of family and duty. The most attractive year of the cycle, but also requires attention to responsibilities. You are challenged to open your heart, both to give and receive love. Sometimes called the marriage/divorce year, partnerships either solidify to commitment, or dissolve if not aligned. Home is the family center, and both will require energy. Expect personal appearance and home/work environment beautification. Your relationships, responsibilities, and judgements on family/friends are key, and whether you get what you give in life.


A year of contemplation and retreat. You require solitude and tranquility to reflect, in order to center yourself. Goal-oriented action is put aside in favor of research and analysis. Your mind is on broader questions, what your true role is in the universe. It is vital you take time out from business and society, to be alone, connect with nature, and meditate whenever possible, because you are listening to inner guidance. Use this year to collect information, observe, and align with your higher self for wisdom and clarity.


A year of achievement and power. This is a serious year, in which you participate in the material world and establish your effectiveness. Work, finance, and business are top priority, and great gains can be experienced. Issues surrounding personal power rise up and you may be tested. This is a high-energy, action-oriented year, during which everything is magnified. Physical manifestations of both desires and fears more easily come to pass. Recognition is often received, and your achievements are more public. Laughter eases anxiety!


A year of endings. This is the final year of your cycle. You are wrapping up loose ends and clearing out your life in preparation for a new cycle. People and issues from your past revisit you, as an opportunity for true closure. Emotions may be unpredictable, and compassion for others is strong. You are practicing the art of letting go all year, emotionally and physically; make peace with past situations and get rid of that which no longer serves you. Donate, volunteer, or help those in need to satisfy your desire to give back. Release to make room for the new.


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