Mars in the Rx Shadow

On Feb 17, Mars enters the retrograde shadow zone at 23º Scorpio for its upcoming Rx period. This is the degree it will reverse back to before stationing direct, so it warrants some attention. Retrogrades offer a second chance to learn a lesson. Mars has to do with actions. Mars Rx occurs between Apr 17 – Jun 29.

Mars in Scorpio is laser-like: concentrated and sustained. At its best, it represents transcendence of the self through complete dedication (to a person, passion, or cause). At its worst, it’s obsessive and destructive. Where it’s traveling in your chart is where your personal focus is aimed. Universally, Scorpio addresses death/rebirth, deep intimacy and truth. Mars is controlled and powerful here, and all about the long game, laying low until the right time to strike.

The lower vibration of Scorpio is the scorpion, seeking retaliation, using painful poison. Manipulation, revenge, compulsion, obsession, and destruction are its dark side. The higher vibration of Scorpio is represented by the stoic and sharp-eyed eagle, who sees all and flies above. My favorite Scorpio image is the Phoenix, who repeatedly dies and rises from her own ashes, reborn. Mars in Scorpio gives us all the opportunity to transcend deep pain and act with altruism rather than vengeance (living well is the best revenge, they say). It also gives us the chance to die to our old way of life in some area, and start fresh.

Look to the area of your chart from 23º SCO – 8º SAG (the full range of the retrograde) to understand what lessons you have an opportunity to learn. The first pass of this zone is between Feb 17 – Mar 5, the second between May 27 – Jun 29 (backwards), and the third between Jun 29 – Aug 2.

So, if you attack something (or someone!) full force in late February, it will likely come back for round 2 in June. I’d caution against insulting or hurting someone, because their opportunity for revenge will come (or vice-versa, if someone slights you). More altruistically, you may throw yourself into a project or relationship, and see some areas of opportunity that were missed the first time around when Mars goes retrograde. Regardless, you’ll be able to move forward on the third pass.

While this post focused purely on the Scorpio portion of Mars’ transit, there are some Sagittarius lessons to learn as 0º – 8º SAG will also be visited three times (I will explore this in a later post, as we get closer to the date).

Mars Retrograde Timeline

Feb 17: Mars enters “Rx zone” at 23º SCO

Mar 5:  Mars enters Sagittarius

Apr 17: Mars stations retrograde at 8º SAG

May 27: Mars Rx re-enters Scorpio

Jun 29: Mars stations direct at 23º SCO

Aug 2:  Mars re-enters Sagittarius

Aug 22: Mars leaves “Rx zone” at 8º SAG

This retrograde will have the greatest impact on those with natal or progressed planets/angles from 23º Scorpio – 8º Sagittarius.


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